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  • My store (which sells only 1 product as a digital download) has been working perfectly until WC2. I have not changed any settings since upgrading.

    I have had a bunch of sales cancelled automatically – after some hours of tracing it seems that since upgrading to WC2. (2.02) using my alternative email address is failing at PayPal:

    03-11-2013 @ 06:38:45 – Checking IPN response is valid…
    03-11-2013 @ 06:38:45 – IPN Response is for another one: our email is

    Obviously I have changed the emails for this post for privacy.

    This has caused a whole bunch of tech support requests and people not getting activation emails etc. Not to mention cancelled orders due to the introduction of the 1 hour cancellation default.

    I do not have Manage Stock on but have now changed the Hold Stock value to 0 as suggested – Actually this value needs to be made BLANK and saved otherwise the order is cancelled immediately!

    I have also now had to change the PayPal address used in WC to my main PayPal address. This is a huge inconvenience as it is a personal address and the alternative one is the one I use for business.

    Question is:

    Bear in mind it has worked perfectly with my alternative email address up until WC2. (The al email is fully registered and verified with PayPal)

    Will this be fixed?

    Is there anything I can do (other than change my emails within PayPal) to get WC working with my alternative email again?

    Thank you.

    nb. I have posted as much detail here as possible in case others are also being mystified as to why their PayPal IPNs are suddenly failing for no apparent reason.

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  • This is happening for me too! Thanks for the post. I feel saner knowing it’s not just me.

    This is happening to me too! I haven’t changed my primary e-mail yet… was hoping I could find an alternative, but it looks like there isn’t one yet. Ugh :/

    This has been fixed a long time ago. If you are still having this issue it is not the same issue, or at least not the same cause. Or you may not have updated your WC to the latest.

    Go to your PayPal email settings and change the “Receiver” email to your primary PayPal one.

    And as mentioned above Inventory > uncheck everything and “Hold Stock” should be blank.


    Ah, I must have glossed over that “Receiver” field when I filled it out a while ago. That should do it, thanks!

    You’re welcome. 🙂

    Yah, that worked for me too. The IPN was reporting:

    Validation error: PayPal IPN response from a different email address () Order status changed from pending to on-hold.


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