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  • Hi,

    When a customer comes to the payment stage on my store they have the option of signing into paypal to pay or using paypal without an account and just input card details.

    However, when selecting the payment without paypal account and getting to the part when you input the card details there’s some boxes where you have to choose your paypal account name etc. Why is that there?
    I set up a store for a friend exactly the same and she doesn’t have it…

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  • Paypal credit card orders will only go through if the user has a registered account with Paypal, or else you have to buy the 49$ package paypal express to allow quick credit card checkout without login. This is cause they want to gather members for paypal. If you want to use something similar but free, there is something called Stripe, which you copy over their code, and it allows your users to pay with credit card in a lightbox window. Very neat.

    Here’s the bit i mean.

    I have a business paypal account. But even when you click the pay without sign up bit it still has that section to add password etc.

    I set up a store a few months ago and hers doesn’t have this at the payment stage.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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