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    I am selling handmade soap online using a theme from Obox called ‘Handmade 2’ on my web site. I am hosted by BlueHost.

    I am having an issue where some (but not all) of my orders are getting stuck in ‘On Hold’ status. They sit in ‘On Hold’ status until I manually go in and approve them.

    I am not very computer literate so I asked the support people at Obox why this was happing. Their response was this:

    The thing to look for is the net amount hitting Paypal vs the gross. Is PayPal adding a conversion fee or transaction fee? If so, when the gross is reported back to WooCommerce and the two totals are different, the order must be manually managed and the status changed from the Order page.

    A few server-side issues can also cause IPN (the communication used between your site and paypal) to fail. See this:

    You can send that link to your site host and ask them if any of those are a problem for you (such as the fsock open and firewall issues)

    I think it is probably the first and not the second since you do have successful Paypal orders as processing.

    The Obox support person also wrote me back another response that said:

    If you go to WooCommerce> System status, you can check the IPN and fsock. They are currently both green:

    fsockopen/cURL: Your server has fsockopen and cURL enabled.
    SOAP Client: Your server has the SOAP Client class enabled.
    WP Remote Post: wp_remote_post() was successful – PayPal IPN is working.

    The WooCommerce folks suggest that the issue can happen if any details on your Paypal setup page differ from your paypal account. Two things I noticed and adjusted:

    1. Your receiver and paypal address were the same. You should not have a receiver address entered unless it is for some reason different from your paypal email

    2. The paypal email had upper-case letters. URLS and email addresses are always lower-case.

    3. Ensure the email listed there is the Primary and verified email on your paypal account.

    4. Go to Paypal and make sure you have IPN setup correctly. please see their doc here: How to Activate IPN in your PayPal Account.

    I have turned on the logging for now so you can monitor how these changes affect the issue – if it seems to continue at the same rate, see he Paypal FAQ here for valid reasons why the order may be stuck:

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    As I said, I am not that computer literate and I don’t understand 99% of what the oBox person was trying to explain to me. The only thing I did figure out is that it sounded like I needed to check with WordPress (or Bluehost?) about this issue.

    Can you offer me any help as to why I am having this issue? Please use simple language as I really don’t know what I’m doing 🙂

    Thank you,

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  • Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    Hey Linda, it sounds like you are using WooCommerce & Handmade 2 hosted on BlueHost, but it doesn’t sound like you’re using my PayPal framework plugin at all (it has no relation to WooCommerce, who do their own PayPal implementation). I would try asking your questions to the WooCommerce help desk:

    THANK YOU!! I had the email addresses entered wrong. I’ve been searching all over for the answer. This post saved me hours!

    I had the same problem, I search the internet about the solution, I found functions that autocomplete on-hold virtual orders,but if you put the function in the file functions.php of the current theme, it will not run when you change the theme, every time you change the theme you have to edit functions.php , for this reason, I developed a new simple plugin that will do the same function, but not related to themes, you can change your theme without editing anymore.

    every one can download this plugin from the following link:

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