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  • Hi all,

    I am trying to create PayPal “Buy Now” buttons to include in WordPress posts, for example at

    When doing this on PayPal’s site, there are two options, unencrypted code and encrypted code. Unencrypted code works fine, but I’d rather use encrypted code because without that all the form fields show up in the HTML source. Not really safe.

    According to PayPal, the reason their pasted code (for encrypted) doesn’t work is because something is altering the code. I am pasting directly into the “Code” tab of a post, so I don’t know what the WP admin panel could be changing… Any ideas on how I could get the encrypted code to work?



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  • I have talked to Paypal a while ago and they came up with the following solution that works:

    There is a way to replicate the functionality of a Buy Now Button in a way which will work correctly on the WordPress site.

    In your WordPress page where you want the button to go, click the icon used to insert an image. Here are a few addresses of images you may find suitable:

    Now, leaving your WordPress page open, open a new window, and do the following:

    1. Log in to your PayPal account at
    2. Click “Merchant Services.”
    3. Click the “Buy Now Buttons” link.
    4. Complete the form
    5. NB: Choose not to encrypt the button.
    6. Click “Create Button Now.”
    7. Copy the Email Link, which is in the second box.
    Ignore the HTML code in the first box.

    Go back to the WordPress window, and on the page editor screen click the image which you inserted previously. Make the image a web link by clicking the icon on screen, and for the URL paste in the Email Link which you just copied on PayPal.

    Save the page and you should have a fully functioning Buy Now Button on your site.

    Hello Stefano and thank you for taking the time to answer. Your instructions worked perfectly well, but the one question I have is…

    This still leaves the code unencrypted. So in the generated HTML code I can still see the information such as the price, email address, etc… That’s what I am trying to avoid, which is what the “encrypted” part does. Now the info is definitely not as glaringly obvious this way, so it IS an improvement. But is there a way to remove that info completely? Thanks a million!


    Hello again,

    Any additional thoughts? If not, I’ll go with this solution. While not perfect, it is better and I appreciate it.


    The only way I was able to get an encrypted button in a post was to create a page template (so a page, not a post) and put the encrypted code after (or before) the content. Not ideal, but it’s encrypted and it works.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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