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  • I have entered the code from paypal to a ‘page’ on my wordpress site and it looks right, but the drop down isn’t allowing a selection. I have read quite a bit and have seen that the ’email’ code works better, but there is no ’email’ code option on my paypal account. Any suggestions?

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  • WOW, I found it. I’m going to copy and paste the wonderful post that answered my question in a simple easy to fix way.

    Thank you eyeglu

    All <option> values must be grouped within a single <select> tag. for instance:

    <select name=”os0″> <option value=”a.Instant/Email”>a.Instant/Email $160.99 </option> </select> <select name=”os0″> <option value=”b.2-Day Rush”>b.2-Day Rush $161.00 </option> </select> <select name=”os0″> <option value=”c.3-Overnight/Next Day”>c.3-Overnight/Next Day $175.00 </option> </select>

    should actually be just:

    <select name=”os0″> <option value=”a.Instant/Email”>a.Instant/Email $160.99 </option> <option value=”b.2-Day Rush”>b.2-Day Rush $161.00 </option> <option value=”c.3-Overnight/Next Day”>c.3-Overnight/Next Day $175.00 </option> </select>

    find each extraneous </select> <select name=”os0″> pair and delete them.

    This is a word press problem that manifests itself when you switch between VISUAL and HTML mode in the Edit Page EDITOR.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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