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  • When testing the PayPal IPN connection I received the following error:

    PayPal IPN Request Failure

    I am using WooCommerce on a MediaTemple server and according to the System Status fsockopen and cURL are enabled, and wp_remote_post() is working.

    When viewing the paypal.txt log, PayPal is connecting, however, I get the following which appears to point to the issue:

    [body] => INVALID
    [response] => Array
    [code] => 200
    [message] => OK

    Can anybody help please?

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  • To add to this issue, I had IPN working in sandbox and the above mentioned issue only occurs when not using sandbox.

    This leads me to believe it’s an issue with my settings in Paypal but does visiting the URL <url>?paypalListener=paypal_standard_IPN involve those PayPal settings because that fails too?

    I am having the same issue when I go to:

    I get the following message:
    PayPal IPN Request Failure

    My only payment gateway is PayPal, I haven’t done any modifications to woocommerce, and from what I can tell, I am not getting a notification back from PayPal that the customer has paid, so instant downloads are not available from my website, which I need.

    I am running WP 3.5 and am running framework 5.5.3, and woocommerce 1.6.6



    Jamie Edwards,
    Did you ever find a resolution to this problem? I have the same one.

    same thing here. IPN is working. I get PayPal notifications just not the Woo notifiers.

    I’m hoping someone has a solution. Everything seemed to be working fine last night when I did testing of my store. Now all my orders are going to “Pending” even though payment has been received.

    I enabled logging and saw this error:
    01-28-2013 @ 19:51:39 – Generating payment form for order #202. Notify URL: http://[MY_SHOP_URL]/?paypalListener=paypal_standard_IPN

    Payment was credited to my account because I got it. I attempted to go to the URL above and got the message “PayPal IPN Request Failure” .. However I got the same message last night when it was working successully.

    I am having the same issue, all orders going to “Pending” status although money has been received. I have a lot of orders stacking up and multiple orders for the same product that has already been sold, but because of “Pending” status, item is not removed from inventory.

    Roy Ho


    Not sure if this is related to your store but since Jan 27 to today, Paypal IPN is having issues…You can read more about it here ->

    It seems to be an issue with PaPal as splashingpixels pointed out (Thank You!) .. @r9tee and everyone else I don’t know if this solution will work for you. My store only sells digital goods so if the IPN fails and a customer does not receive their order my Order Confirmation page addresses the issue.

    Just a simple note advising customers that if they dont receive email confirmation or delivery of the electronic item they should send an email. I can then sign into woocommerce and change the pending status to completed which would dispatch the order.

    Yes, many thanks to splashingpixels, I see that IPN fix is in and things are working for us. We were about to throw a new site together until I saw spalshingpixels post. Intense hours for our store that has had orders piling up… without word of this issue from Paypal.

    Thanks everyone!

    We are again experiencing the problem as of last night around 9 pm CST. The orders are coming in and remaining in pending status. Has anyone else continued to see intermittent issues?

    It is now 1 am CST and the issue continues to occur. I have checked the site splashingpixels listed and it seems they are continuing to work on the problem as well.

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