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  • Hi I have an issue where woo is only marking some orders as processing (turning from grey to green).
    The IPN log in paypals site has these problem orders listed with a status of “retrying” and the woo paypal IPN log in turn has these transactions listed 10 times where they have failed.
    The woo paypal IPN log also has “paypal returned a valid response” for these entries, so if
    in class-wc-gateway-paypal.php on line 574 we have:

    if ( ! empty( $_POST ) && $this->check_ipn_request_is_valid() ) {

    header( ‘HTTP/1.1 200 OK’ );

    do_action( “valid-paypal-standard-ipn-request”, $_POST );

    } else {

    wp_die( “PayPal IPN Request Failure” );


    Then I can assume that the POST is empty?
    In which case I need to know how/why.
    Has anyone seen this before? The IPN log doesn’t look right either (even though it states that paypal returned a “Received valid response from PayPal”,
    I have [item_number2] => blank when I know for a fact that the customer only added one item and paid for one item. (So maybe the IPN IS corrupt and woo is rejecting it??)

    I am out of ideas – if anyone has seen anything like this I could really use some help!
    Many thanks

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