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  • PayPal outgoing IPN communication has many https and ssl limitations which will cause IPN to fail if you use SSL on your store’s IPN url.

    As of today 14 Aug 2014, PayPal outgoing IPN communications has the following restrictions. PayPal developer support provided this information.

    PayPal doesn’t support sha256
    PayPal doesn’t support DNS/SNI/SAN (wildcards are fine though)
    PayPal doesn’t support TLS v1.1 or v1.2
    PayPal *does* support SSL v2, v3 and TLS v1

    A caution…if you use a shared SSL server, the server might be using SNI technology. SNI (see above) is not supported by PayPal IPN and it will fail.

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  • Hi,
    thanks a ton for this post!
    It saved me a lot of grey hairs today.

    For anyone stuck with a host that uses SSL SNI (like my host Strato), I have found a workaround:
    – created Subdomain without SSL (e.g.
    – Put this subdomain in PayPal IPN address settings
    – Fix Woocommerce class WC_Gateway_Paypal with static return URL:
    Line 35: $this->notify_url = ‘’;

    This most likely only works, if you have only a single domain SSL certificate, like me. With a wildcard certificate, you might try using a different URL for IPN purposes.

    omg am so happy reading this…

    I just bought a SSL certificate and now all my orders are Pending. Last week through http all went fine. Well am not using WOo but EDD. using a better secure method should not make things difficult but better.

    Still don’t understand why its not working under https

    so basicly my 125 euro certificate is useless or are there other methods or ways to complete money transfers through my shop to paypal through a secure line ?

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