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    PayPal error (3): An error (3) occurred while processing your PayPal payment. Please contact the store owner for assistance.

    * USer name and password are correct,
    * Sandbox works fine

    but we get this error every time we try to checkout.

    any ideas what to do?

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  • THIS IS A common problem i always faced

    I have this problem too.

    I have spoken to PayPal, and they say that it is an error in the HTML code, and sent me some info which suggests that the transaction type is missing or incorrect.

    There is nowhere in the plug-in settings that refers to the transaction type.

    My guess is: there was, but its gone missing, and if you had set it before, it might have survived the update process”. This is a wild guess, based on a complete lack of evidence other than it did work before, and now does not.

    Other than that, I use OpenBSD, and WordPress appears not really to support OpenBSD.

    @acgrillet: Can you give more information about what PayPal told you?

    Sorry, but why are you still using this plugin when it has been posted everywhere that sooner or later it will break your orders list ?
    There is also no support at all and a request to remove it from worpdress has been made.

    PayPal said “this means the HTML is defective – there is a problem with the transaction type …” and emailed me this:

    PayPal returned result code 3 – Invalid transaction type.

    An incorrect transaction type variable was passed.

    Confirm that you’re passing the appropriate “transaction type” (TRXTYPE) in your request. The accepted transaction types are:

    S – Sale: Charges the specified amount against the account, and marks the transaction for immediate funds transfer during the next settlement period. PayPal performs settlement for each merchant daily. (TRXTYPE=S)

    A – Authorization: Authorizes transactions that may be captured later. A delayed capture (D) transaction must be issued to capture the original authorization. (TRXTYPE=A)

    D – Delayed Capture: Used to capture a previously authorized (A) transaction. This provides support for delayed order fulfillment.The transaction is scheduled for settlement during the next settlement period. (TRXTYPE=D)

    C – Credit: Returns the specified amount to the account holder. The credit card number need not be available if you have the original PayPal Reference ID (PNREF) issued with the transaction. If you issue a credit with the PNREF without specifying an amount, the amount of the original transaction is used. (TRXTYPE=C)

    V – Void: A void reverses a charge before the settlement process and prevents a transaction from being settled. A void doesn’t guarantee release of the authorization (hold on funds) on the cardholder’s account. (TRXTYPE=V)

    F – Voice Authorization: You can perform a voice authorization transaction after you get an approval code from the cardholder’s issuing bank. This offline process establishes the transaction as an item that can be settled.

    Note: Voice Authorizations aren’t available when using PayPal as a processor. (TRXTYPE=F)

    I – Inquiry: An inquiry transaction checks the result and status of a transaction. (TRXTYPE=I)

    B – Balance Inquiry: Balance Inquiry transactions obtain the balance of a prepaid card. (TRXTYPE=B)

    L – Data Upload: To facilitate creating Reference Transactions and help you with PCI compliance, PayPal lets you upload credit card data by submitting an upload transaction. (TRXTYPE=L)

    K – Rate Lookup: The currency conversion rate lookup transaction supports basic Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP). MCP lets you accept payments in multiple currencies. This transaction type is currently available only when processing through Planet Payment. (TRXTYPE=K)

    Why am I <b>still</b> using the plugin? I have only just installed it on the site. I have NOT SEEN the “everywhere” that blliem refers to, and am not aware of any other plugin to take Paypal payments.

    ok so keep using it if you are a champion who knows better what is CLEARLY posted on this forum and on different platforms.
    Enjoy your bug, and don’t worry, it will come soon.

    hahaha, not aware of any other plugin for paypal payment, a real champion !
    Sorry I won’t waste my time to explain you, I do not work for automatik.

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 9 months ago by blliem.

    I am far from a champion. I have no wish to use it, I just want my payments processed. I am desperate for any alternative. You claim to know about one or more but refuse to name any. You are about as unhelpful as it is possible to be, apart from the fact that you did actually reply – I assume that if there actually are other solutions, someone else might bother to name one.

    My solution may well be to code my whole website in raw HTML. At least I know that works.

    Why am I <b>still</b> using the plugin? I have only just installed it on the site. I have NOT SEEN the “everywhere” that blliem refers to, and am not aware of any other plugin to take Paypal payments.

    As you explained how I was wrong, yes, you will have to wait that a genius comes to help 🙂
    (because it’s clearly sooooo difficult to find the one and only correct plugin to use for Paypal payments…)

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