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  • I’ve been trying to add the “add to cart” button with a drop down menu to my wp page. All the PP buttons work fine but there is a problem with making a dropdown menu option button.

    I’ve contacted PP and they said it’s a WP problem. From what I’ve seen in other posts a lot of people are having this problem.

    If anyone has an answer to this, please post it here.
    (I’m pretty new to all this so hopefully the solution is simple.)

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  • How exactly are you adding the markup that you have been given to your site?

    I’m not a programer so I’m sure my method is non-standard. But it’s worked in other situations. Here’s what I’m doing:

    1. Created tables. Put a picture in the top row.
    2. Put some text in the next row explaining the picture.
    3. Copied the code from the button I made on the PP site.
    4. Typed in the word “HERE” in the table cell that I want the button to appear in.
    5. Switched to html view in the editor.
    5. Find the word “HERE”, delete it and paste in the PP code in that spot.

    I know this is probably not typical, but it works with all of the PP buttons except the dropdown “add to cart” button. From what I’ve seen, there are others having the same problem.

    Switched to html view in the editor

    Do not switch between editing tabs. You will lose your markup.

    So should I just do the best I can keeping it all in html editor till I’m ready to update the page?

    I’ll try it. Hopefully that’ll fix the problem. But so many others are having the same problem, I have a feeling it’s more than that. We’ll see.


    OK. Here’s the latest.

    If I use the html editor it works fine. However, anytime I switch to the visual editor, even after leaving the page and coming back, it’ll revert to showing the pull down menu incorrectly.

    This works, but not knowing html makes it much more difficult. It would be great if this would be fixed. That’ll make it much faster for us non-programers.


    Thanks for the help. I’d like to post the solution in the other posts about this but since you didn’t want me posting there it doesn’t seem like I can be much help to the others.

    Please explain why I shouldn’t post there.


    If you want to add a comment to help other posters, then please feel free. It’s the “Yes – I’m having that problem too” posts in other people’s topics that cause problems.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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