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  • John, thanks for your plugin. I looked through the support forums, but haven’t seen an answer that applies.

    I already have PayPal Pro running through Gravity Forms for one-time and recurring donations. We installed Personal Fundraiser and set up a PayPal Donate Button along with the required Payment Data Transfer Token. Payments submit successfully, but are not being credited to campaign correctly.

    They do not show up at all on our end; neither in the admin panel or the campaign page.

    Could PayPal Pro and the associated IPN (Instant Payment Notification) be conflicting with the Donate button and its’ Payment Data Transfer Token?

    Any help would be appreciated. We’re hoping to get this set up soon for a non-profit supporting children in Haiti and Africa. Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author John Kleinschmidt


    Did you configure the donate button in the Personal Fundraiser settings and use the [pfund-donate] shortcode? You have to use the [pfund-donate] shortcode in order for the donate to be properly recognized.

    Thanks John.

    Both those are set up… For some reason, it’s working now. Not sure why it took a while to show up. I’ll let you know if it starts glitching again.

    Thank you!



    Hi John,

    I am having this same problem! I have added the donation button and am using the [pfund-donate] short code but still no luck. The donations are registering but they are not going to the campaign page or appearing in the cause admin panel. We have a charity paypal account and were wondering if this is the cause. We were able to follow all of the instructions though so didn’t think that this was necessarily the case. Any troubleshooting help you could provide would be appreciated.





    It’s been a little while since I’ve dealt with this issue, so it may be fuzzy to me, but do you have your PayPal IPN set up? That let’s PayPal get back in touch with the plugin to update the records.

    Forgive me if I’m pointing out the obvious.

    I am having same issue in my test environment and on my client’s live site. All the PayPal settings are exactly as stated in the readme file and PayPal does its thing with the email confirmations and returning to the site, so I know the donations are processing properly on that end. The [pfund-donate] shortcode is in the cause too. But the campaign is not being updated on the website with the donation.

    Donations that are manually entered appear immediately. Is there any time delay in PayPal donations updating the website?

    Please, I need to respond to my client as soon as possible as to why this is not working and get it to work. He is expecting to go live with it this weekend.

    Thank you.

    Hey @avabusiness, I’m going to have to leave that up to @johnkleinschmidt for the answer. I’m unaware of any time delay — I thought it was instant.

    Thanks steckinsights for your comment. I thought and expected it to be instant too.

    Plugin Author John Kleinschmidt


    A couple of questions:

    1. What version of WordPress and the plugin are you using?
    2. Do you have Pretty Permalinks setup? This plugin requires the use of Pretty Permalinks. For more details see: Using_Permalinks
    3. When you return from Paypal, what is the url paypal redirects to?

    Thanks for your reply John.
    I am using current WP and current plugin versions, have pretty permalinks, and PayPal was doing all of its things right, including returning to the site.
    I cleared out all the PayPal settings and set them all up again and got a successful transaction and a successful update to the webpage to show donations received. Don’t know why it worked after that because I didn’t change anything when I did PayPal settings second time around.
    Bottom line I got one to go through and will test another on my client’s live site to be sure.

    I’m having the same problems. I get the email notifications that the donations have been made and they are showing up in PayPal but they are not showing up on the individual pages.

    All versions are up to date. I have pretty permalinks and reset the PayPal settings. NO dice.

    I also have our IPN set up but it is set to our “store”. Not sure if there is a separate setting for the donation buttons. Any ideas?



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    @rachelcjstuf: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    I found out something very interesting today in regards to this plugin and the donation buttons and hope it helps others. Also if there is a workaround on this I would love to hear about it.

    The plugin documentation tells you to copy and paste the code for the PayPal button in to the settings for the fundraiser plugin which I did. But because of the theme cosmetics of the button were really lacking so I targeted the button to an image.

    It looked nice on my page, it went through the PayPal process and updated PayPal like it was supposed to, but it didn’t update any of the progress windows on the campaign page. After a lot of back and forth checking and rechecking, I set the button to the default PayPal code and everything worked like a charm and how it is advertised to work.

    So my comment to anyone having problems is to check the button code. My question to the author is: is there any way to target the button to another image or can this be incorporated in to a future release. Others may find value in that too.

    Thank you for a great plugin that I now have working!!

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