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  • Hi everybody, I have a little question, I bought a theme and I wanted to modify it a little bit, I want to add a “dinero mail” (very similar to paypal). I have a few knowledge about PHP, and SQL. I was Trying, but I couldn’t find how does wordpress does connect to the database and how does it look for the specific info. I mean, WordPress has a dinamic page that reload the info with the customer desire, for example, I am browsing the page, and I click on a guitar that’s on sale, so it takes me to a page with it’s info, but the code of that page don’t actually have that info, it just look it up in the database. So, my question is: How does wordpress to look that info on the database, I know a PHP code that can do that, but I couldn’t find it on the theme.
    Or if you know how can I get that button on by other ways, just tell me. I need it.
    I would be so glad if you can help me.

    Thanks in Advance.

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  • Did you figure it out?

    Yu can check any of the e-commerce plugins for wordpress to understand how it works. some of them, like wp e-commerce let you add multiple payment gateways, and dineromail offer some support from their website

    @nicolaslopezg – did you figure this out? I’m volunteering to implement DineroMail for a small non-profit organization in Argentina where PayPal/Google Checkout doesn’t work, so I’m trying to piece together how to use DineroMail, specifically as part of wp e-commerce.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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