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  • I’m currently running a book raffle on my site and want to use PayPal to collect donations, but when I use their shopping cart form my site puts a HUGE space beneath the PayPal button. You see what I’m talking about here, where that big space is under the blue button:

    This is the CSS code I’m using for the donate button, is there anything I should modify? Your help would be so, so very much appreciated. Please get back to me!

    .donatebutton {
    width: 151px;
    height: 86px;
    border: 0px;
    padding:0px 0px;

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  • That has nothing to do with CSS.
    What happens: when you paste the code into your post it has several lines and, unfortunately, WP will put <br> tags after each line by default, so, having there 7-8 lines… it means 7-8 br tags.
    What you may try: copy the code into a plain text editor and remove all the linebreak (i.e. make it one huge line 🙂
    It’s worth a try…

    p.s.1. Upgrade, your WP version is not secure.
    p.s.2. For that size of pictures you shouldn’t have more than 15-20KB as file szie. Yours is around 100KB, not user-friendly at all!

    Thanks Moshu. I took out all the extra lines in the plain text editor but there is still a space there. Any ideas?

    No, you didn’t.
    Look at your source code and you’ll see at least 3 br tags.
    Plus, you have style in your stylesheet for “form”. This is a form (not a button, btw!). Give it an ID or class and style it differently.
    Now you have the 3 br tags + the form default margin + the next line in p tag…

    ah I see it. I thought I had removed them, but all that happened was that two > tags conveniently ended where I couldn’t see there was a line break.

    You are right of course Moshu. It is not a button but a form! I’ll fiddle around with that code later today and also look into making those images more user friendly. I exported them in Adobe under “Save for web” at 80%, but I guess the file sizes are still too big. You are talking about the large food & bike photos right?

    Thank you for your help Moshu. Once again, you are a life saver!

    Moshu – I optimized the images on my site and upgrade WP as you suggested. Would you mind telling me whether the site still loads slowly for you and, if yes, do you have any suggestions for my improving it?

    Sorry to ask, but I totally respect your opinion. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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