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    I haven noticed in my Google Analytics that most of my conversions are coming from the referral of It looks like this is because people are leaving my site going to to pay and then come back. I have now added this to referral exclusions list in my Google Analytics account.

    I think this is also affecting my Google Ads conversion data.

    Is there any referral exclusions list in Google Ads or will excluding in Google Analytics be enough for conversions to start tracking correctly?


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    Hi Jamie

    Due to how Google Ads tracks conversions there is no need for a referral exclusion, hence there is not such an option.

    But, conversion will not be measured if a buyer doesn’t reach the purchase confirmation page.

    You need to make sure, when using off site payment gateways like Paypal, to redirect back the visitors to the WooCommerce purchase confirmation page. If that redirect doesn’t happen, or if buyers stop the redirect before it happens, the conversions will not be tracked.

    This is why we recommend only using on-site payment gateways.

    (off-site payment gateways being the ones that redirect away from the shop to facilitate the payment and then redirect back to the shop after successful payment)

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    Hi @alekv

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am using PayPal express checkout which isn’t a typical PayPal transaction. The user has to return to the site after logging into to PayPal in the popup and confirm the order.

    I’m a bit baffled why my ad conversions are so low then if the referrer isn’t the issue as 95% of my traffic is paid :/

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    I only can recommend to try out an on-site payment solutions. There ore on-site gateways for WooCommerce that work with PayPal too, but I can’t tell you from top of my head which ones those are. You’ll have to find out on

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