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  1. wplg
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have several PayPal donation buttons on a website. They DID work, but have stopped. There is nothing wrong with the button code, as I have tested it many times. Additionally, while one of the buttons is in a widget, the other is on a page that is [framed]. When I open the original html page (in a browser) that I am framing, the button works. However the same button through WP does NOT. I have gone through many of the other posts on this subject, which all seem to have something to do with broken button code, however I feel pretty confident that my issue is something else. I called PayPal and they said that they have seen this before, but the man I spoke with was not able to tell me why or how to fix it. He did direct me to the PP developer site where I see hundreds of people with a similar issue. I did not, however, find any solutions.
    Also, since I have access to other WP sites, I have tried using the same code there to test thinking it might be the recent WP upgrade. The code does NOT work on any of my WP sites (3.41 or 3.42), but absolutely DOES work on html sites.
    Does anyone know what causes this error??

  2. esmi
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    the other is on a page that is [framed]

    PayPal will not accept transaction that come from framed pages because of the potential for fraud. Get rid of the frame and you'll solve your problem

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