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  • If you all would go here:

    Try and click on the donate button, it doesn’t work. This is not PayPal’s fault, this is WP’s – any idea on how I can fix that? This has happened no matter what everytime I try to use a PayPal button on my WP install.

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  • Well, first I found these:

    I personally have yet to see paypal working in a WP site without using the paypal shopping cart plugin…

    It appears that Paypal has added a number of hidden fields that need to be specified for your plugin to work.

    At Stupid WordPress Tricks, I installed Patrick’s Paypal Donate Widget on the sidebar. I think it works on my site – at least you get the Paypal information filled in. If you do a “View Source” and scroll down to where the generated HTML for the Donate plugin is, you’ll see the following hidden fields:

    cmd, business, item_name, item_number, notify_url, no_shipping, return, no_note, currency_code, tax, bn, on0, on1

    Sounds like Paypal expects these hidden fields.

    What you have to do is go into the code and delete any spaces between tags, ie, <tag><tag> not <tag> <tag>
    WP puts <br /> in between the tags with spaces. The breaks cause paypal to choke.
    Just keep looking at the source and look for the breaks, edit the post until all the spaces and break tags are gone.

    Hey miklb that worked! The button finally functions!

    Hey, I got the basic buttons to finally work on my site without any special plugins or code!

    1) Turn off the rich text editor before you paste your PP code.
    2) Remove all hard returns between brackets, in the Paypal button code:


    3) Remove any spaces in the Paypal code. For me, there was a single blankspace at the end of their code, inside of the bracket that was causing me problems.

    Anyway, I hope that this works for you. I was starting to wonder if it was actually possible without a paypal plugin, but it IS possible.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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