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    I was having frustrations with getting the PayPal smart button to appear on a combined Cart/Checkout page; I’ve figured out why it was happening (sort of) but would still like to know from support if there’s something I could be doing better to work with this, or if there is something on their end they intend to do to avoid the issue in future.

    First reason why the button was not appearing in my Cart page:
    (1) I had inserted the [woocommerce-checkout] shortcode underneath the [woocommerce-cart] shortcode in an attempt to make a one-page experience. I hate having to “Proceed to Checkout” when there’s barely anything on the current page.
    (2) When you add both of these shortcodes on the same page, it automatically removes the “Cart Totals” box, which is handy since your totals appear down below in Checkout
    (3) The “PayPal Buy Now” button is set to appear in this “Card Totals” box, under the “Proceed to Checkout” button as an — or —.
    (4) The PayPal button + card icons setup does not appear at the bottom of the checkout shortcode if that shortcode is on the Cart page. Why, I’m not sure. (If smart buttons is disabled, you get the basic “Continue to payment” button there, but if smart buttons are enabled you get nothing at all.)
    Ta-dahh, “Enable PayPal Checkout on the cart page” but no such button on the Cart page, frustration ensues.

    Why the button was not appearing on my Checkout page if I combined things there:
    For reasons unknown, if I add the cart shortcode above the checkout shortcode on the Checkout page, it makes the smart button disappear. This is different from the issue on the Cart page, where the smart button won’t appear at the bottom of the checkout area even if there is nothing else on the page at all. (This could be similar to the issues raised here and here but I’m not sure.)
    This seems to be specific to adding the cart shortcode to the page, because if I get the cart to display on the checkout page using a snippet, the buttons show up.

    Which leads me to the current workaround…
    (1) Added the businessbloomer snippet ( to my child theme functions.php to make the cart and checkout work together on the checkout page
    (2) Added a 301 redirect from Cart to Checkout (since the businessbloomer method did not work for that redirect for me, and the add-to-cart redirect snippet from here does not address all instances of the cart link on my site)
    You can see the result (at time of writing) on the link to my site provided above. One-page cart/checkout, nice-looking PayPal button with card icons and a pop-up rather than a redirect, an actual improvement over PayPal Standard at last.

    Still not sure how good of an idea my workaround is, and would like any feedback or tips people have, though it seems to be doing the trick for now.

    However! It would be much better imo if the plugin could just let the button appear in the bottom of the checkout shortcode, wherever that shortcode appears. The phrasing of “Enable PayPal Checkout on the cart page” could also be improved, since it is an alternative to ‘Proceed to Checkout’ within the Cart Totals box only, and otherwise unrelated to the Cart page or getting the checkout on it.


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    @snapdragon777 – I’m not sure of a best practice in terms of accomplishing this. I’ve left it open since you posted to see if anyone else had any ideas, but it doesn’t seem like there’s been much movement.

    My best suggestion would be to create an idea with this information on our ideas board:
    This will at least get more attention from others look for the same feature, as well as get the eyes of our developers for feature requests.

    – Joey

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    Update: Not sure if I just assumed this before or if it was actually working then, but now the smart buttons aren’t appearing on the Cart page even without the checkout shortcode underneath. (I’ve now unticked the box for showing them on the Cart page now so as to get rid of the redundant floating —or— in case anyone somehow manages to end up there, but… yeah.) This plugin has issues…

    I don’t personally need this fixed anymore as my workarounds are working (I ditched the redirect, as it was causing problems after all, and got WPC Fly Cart, which covered all instances of linking to ‘Cart’ with ‘Checkout’ links instead. Also made combining the cart and checkout redundant as it turns out, after all that. Good plugin, I recommend it.) But posting if it helps diagnose bugs or helps others figure out their issues with this plugin.

    I did link to this from the ideas board @jricketts4 so thanks for the suggestion.

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    Thanks for letting us know you got this sorted, have a great one!

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