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  • Hi all

    OK I have spent to much time trying to work this out and looking for answers that the answer may just be staring at me in the face.

    OK I am using rewritten piece of code based on the PayPal ShortCode (Paolo Tresso (aka Pixline)) but I have modified it quite a bit to work for the site it is going on to allow for greater configuration.

    I am a php newbie so be gentle 🙂

    OK the code I have is available from this link and is fairly basic – remember php newbie 🙂

    I can get it to work by adding the code

    [paypalbtn type="add" name="Item Name" amount="12.99"]

    but what it is doing is placing the button under the posts heading instead of where I tried to put it under the image – see this example

    I have tried every which way to try and work it out and for the life of me cannot work it out. What is puzzling is that if I insert the Paypal HTML code for the button directly into the post it works but I want it to use the square bracket code instead as my user will not remember to use the full html code – I home that makes sense.

    Anyway it could be styles related, could be template related I just am stumped so any suggestions?


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