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  • Hi,

    Have just been through the whole setup of the (free) s2member (as need to learn it first before upgrade) only to find that I need to add the s2member ‘IPN URL’ into my Paypal settings, and of course the ‘Auto-Return URL’ too… and a unique ‘Identity Token’.

    However this is already set for my online shop using the ecwid plugin, so I can’t alter these settings.

    Your info states that s2member can run alongside another plugin’s settings in PayPal, as it sends unique info with each transaction – but how can i set it up without changing my ecwid ones? And even if this is possible, how can I change the auto-return page???

    At a total loss with this now – all ideas much appreciated.


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  • Plugin Contributor Raam Dev


    All of the details about this are explained in s2Member ⥱ PayPal Options ⥱ PayPal PDT/Auto-Return Integration → More Information (click here) and s2Member ⥱ PayPal Options ⥱ PayPal IPN Integration → More Information (click here). The “(click here)” expands a hidden box that explains how it all works.

    In short, you don’t need to configure your PayPal account with s2Member’s Auto-Return URL, and the same is true for the PayPal IPN URL, because s2Member sets both of those on a per-transaction basis (i.e., when you generate the s2Member PayPal Buttons, those buttons will include the s2Member IPN URL and Auto-Return URL, so you don’t need to worry about setting them on the PayPal side).

    However, if you’re using PayPal Pro then you will need to do some special work for the IPN URL. Please see the “*NOT True w/ PayPal Pro*” section inside s2Member ⥱ PayPal Options ⥱ PayPal IPN Integration → More Information (click here)

    Thanks for the quick reply – I had read and re-read those sections, but was still unsure that it would actually work/wouldn’t mess up my other plugin settings, as it just didn’t look like it would work like that!

    I assume I input the same PDT Identity Token that I see in my PayPal>profile>website preferences? (ie. the same one for both plugins?)

    However hugely relieved to hear that it’s actually OK – I will continue with it now!


    Hi again,

    There seems to be an integration problem…

    I’ve set it all up as specified in your instructions and all seemed good, until a customer from my main site shop couldn’t complete her purchase via paypal – and this was only resolved when i deactivated the s2member in my subfolder w/p install.

    So the scenario is this:

    1. i have a main root install w/p site with my Ecwid shop (linked to my PayPal acct) =
    2. my PayPal IPN is set to my ecwid ID
    3. i have a subfolder w/p install with buddypress and s2member plugins for a social membership group =
    4. my s2member plugin will control the payment buttons for members to join the social group and i have set it up linking to the same PayPal account as Ecwid is set to
    5. I’ve left my PayPal ecwid settings totally untouched as recommended by s2m
    6. I’ve added in all my PayPal IPN setting etc into s2m as required

    Could you tell me if i should change any other settings in s2memeber or PayPal to resolve this? Or do you think this was unrelated?

    many thanks.

    PS. I will also post to Ecwid forum about this and will post any reply here FYI.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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