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    I’ve been working on this for weeks, trying to set up and promote a fund raiser for Haiti… any help would be GREAT! Heres my problem:

    I installed the “Instinct” shopping cart on my sight. I have used PayPal to accept donations in the past, but now I am trying to sell things to raise money. On the website everything works great, including the shipping calculations (I am in the US and using UPS shipping). However, after the total has been calculated and the buy hits “purchase” they are transfered to the PayPal page where the shipping has not been added to the base price. I am just using standard PayPal.

    I feel like it’s important because I’ll be shipping a number of different weighted items throughout the country (and maybe world). So shipping costs will vary. If anyone one has any ideas or even point me in a direction that would be great. I’m close but it just seems like Instinct is pulling the base price instead of the total.

    Here’s my site if it helps:
    The World By Sea

    Thanks SO much for any help….

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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