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  • To create a pro-form that uses just PayPal Express Checkout, change the pro-form’s “accept” attribute to just “paypal”: accept=”paypal”.

    The pro-form genearator adds all the cards to that attribute by default. The cards will require you to have PayPal Pro, though. See these articles:

    You can test with 1 cent transactions in the live account. I don’t prefer to use PayPal’s developer sandbox, though. See my video on that:

    I hope that helps. 🙂

    Thank you Cristian. The contact alone is encouraging.

    So, I think I understand now that the example is using the Pro form with PayPal Pro:

    Well, there are some other issues — my form was configured with only accept=”paypal” but the button was not a paypal button (no image style) and when I used the free version, I got a styled PayPal button and it took me to paypal (all good but no account created only changes made, and no follow up email)

    I will post back if I find a resolution.

    Hank Ratzesberger

    Yes, that example screenshot is using PayPal Pro, that’s why all the cards are there, for on-site payment.

    If you did use accept=”paypal” and you didn’t get just the PayPal button to submit the form, then there may have been a JavaScript conflict causing it to not work correctly. Please try these:

    Hi Christian,

    I really appreciate all the documentation, videos and responses here. Unfortunately, there must be some problem. I did get the free PayPal to work, however, it registered me as a Participant and not an S2 Level 1 member. I didn’t do the original install, but I did perform the Pro install. (We have the Pro installed but the site owner is not ready to commit to PayPal Pro for CC processing). I’m just reporting the status. Maybe if we later switch to using pro forms, the issues will be resolved. Thank you, Hank

    Well, if you used the Level 1 pro-form, with just Express Checkout for payment, and checkout went fine, he should have been registered with the s2Member Level 1 role.

    You should enable logging and test with 1 cent transactions to see if you get any errors in the log entries for them. WP Admin -> s2Member -> Log Files

    Verify that your PayPal integration is complete and correct, also.

    All that said, it’s fine if you prefer to use the buttons, but if the PayPal integration has a problem, it may affect the PayPal Standard buttons too.

    I hope that helps. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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