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    Just to let all know that paypal adaptive payments has now ended for anywhere but the USA and Canada –
    I used to have adaptive configured and working and this worked right up until last week .
    After searching for why it stopped working I found this notice on the WCV compatible payments plugin **Please note, as of 7/24/18 PayPal will only provide “Live” Payouts API access to US and Canada based PayPal Business Accounts**
    (I knew it was coming and WCv had notified us all, I had just been too busy to implement a new method)
    Guess I will now have buy, install and configure this plugin today in order for me to be able to pay my vendors
    Site is receiving payments from customers but I have no way to pay the vendors until I install the new plugin
    Hopefully this may help others in a similar situation

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  • Thank you for that!
    Just started to set up my system, so i was just about to look into that!

    Thank you!

    Further info –
    I have contacted Paypal and have been informed that for anyone who already had/s adaptive payments set up and working, That paypal need to enable ‘Payouts’ on your paypal account before the new set up will work correctly (This is a change to the ‘Plugin pros video’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhUg73r3-Vk
    This they have done by way of the phone call, I now just await them to complete the enable payouts for me

    Yes- they have depreciated Adaptive payments.
    Please contact the authors of the payouts for wc vendors plugin https://www.wcvendors.com/product/payouts-for-wc-vendors/ to see if that will meet your needs.

    Not really resolved as it does not meet my/my vendors needs.
    I have now bought the ‘Payouts’ plugin, installed, configured and tested
    Although the plugin does mean that I can now make payment to vendors
    It is rather useless in the information that is sent to the Vendor
    In the email to the vendor, Generated by paypal, There is no notification to the vendor of the order that the payment relates to so the vendor has no idea which order has actually been paid and as such has no idea which order to process.

    So… As WCvendors no longer provide a solution and the new plugin by 3rd party dev, (Which WCV recommend as a solution on their website, and as Anna has also done in this thread, points us towards the plugin) goes partway to providing a solution, It is nowhere near good enough as a replacement
    WCVendors support – Please, please work with us the customer in working towards an acceptable resolution
    I love your WCV plugin but having spent many hours/days/weeks building my site I am disappointed that I am now causing issues for my vendors.

    I have raised a ticket with the payouts plugin describing this issue and await a reply from them – I will update here as and when progress is made.

    In anticipation of a favourable reply

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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