• I am creating a membership site that will have a monthly membership fee. However, I need to use PayPal’s Adaptive Payments for the payments so that the membership fees can be split between two parties at the time of the transaction.

    I can use EZChain to setup and handle all the PayPal Adaptive Payment requirements, but I have not been able to overcome a specific issue.

    I have put the proper return link in both PayPal and in the pass through for EZChain, but after the transaction is completed, I am returned to an s2Member page (I assume it’s an s2M page) that says I’ll receive an email shortly – but since I’m in Sandbox mode, the email will not come unless I set it up using a real email.

    If I use the standard s2M button or a button that I create at PayPal, the transaction completes and I am returned to the website properly to set up my account login ID and password.

    Do I have to pass some information using my buy button to PayPal so that when it comes back to the website, that information is returned and s2M knows that the purchase was made from the website and is valid? If so, what is that information, how is it passed, and how is it returned? I thought the return IPN stuff was supposed to take care of all of that, but I guess I’m wrong.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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