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  • Hi, My customers are saying they cannot check out. I have tried both paypal link and credit card links (I use paypal smart checkout). Those who live outside the US cannot usr the card options as it only offers for US addresses. Aside from that, no matter which option is tried to checkout, we get the >> “something went wrong we’ll take you back to checkout to try again.

    I have made sure that encrypted website payments is turned off.
    I have double checked my smart checkout ID’s

    I cannot figure out why all of a sudden my checkout is not working when it was working fine 2 days ago.

    Thanks for any help!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I have narrowed down a bit where the problem lies. My clients who do not live in the US, cannot use a credit card via the smart checkout buttons as that shipping form only allows US addresses. So, they are forced to click the paypal button where usually they are given the option to either login to paypal or use a credit card instead, but the option to use a credit card is no longer showing on that page. So all my customers outside the US cannot purchase from me if they do not have a paypal account.

    Has something changes in the plugin recently that when paypal is clicked, that login is the only option? where did the option to pay with a crdit card go?

    Thanks Much!!

    Plugin Contributor mbrsolution



    Please check the following instructions.

    Also make sure you have a PayPal business account.

    Let me know if the above helps you.

    Kind regards

    Hi, yes I have done all of that, it has been set up and working fine for months, then recently, non US buyers could not use the credit card options via smart checkout because it only allow US addresses now for some reason. So they were using the paypal button and using the “pay with credit card” option on that page. However, that option has recently disappeared, so their only option was to use paypal with a paypal account which they do not have nor do they want one. So I lost all non US sales unless they had a paypal account.

    The only workaround so far is to use the horizontal display setting, which then only shows the paypal button and paypal credit button. For some reason that paypal link has the credit card option on the checlout page where the paypal button in the vertical layout does not. The vertical layout of the smart buttons is what has all the credit card buttons which I prefer to use, but the paypal link must offer the credit card option for my non US Clients the same way it does when I use the horizontal setting that shows no credit card buttons.

    Can it be fixed so that both paypal buttons give the credit card option regardless of whether I use the vertical or horizontal display?

    Or, can it be fixed so that ALL customers can use the credit card buttons with options for non US addresses. If there was an option for them to choose the correct country they could add their address successfully. As it stands now only US addresses can be used if any of the credit card buttons are used.

    Like I said this worked great for quite a while for US and non US customers, and something changed recently in the options offered in the plugin smart checkout.

    Thanks so much for your help!

    Plugin Contributor mbrsolution



    it has been set up and working fine for months, then recently, non US buyers could not use the credit card options via smart checkout because it only allow US addresses now for some reason.

    That is very strange, something must have changed in your PayPal account. Perhaps your best option is to check your PayPal account and maybe get in contact with PayPal support, see if they can share some light into this issue.

    Let me know how you go.

    Kind regards

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    Hi, I did call Paypal before I contacted you all here as Paypal said this is a plugin issue and not anything to do with my account. So are you saying that on your end, the visa and mastercard options of the smart checkout allow buyers from other countries?? There is no where in my plugin for someone to change which country they are using their card from so their addresses can be correct. Its only set for US addresses. If they should be able to switch countries to use the card, what do you suggest so I can get this working correctly?

    Please advise


    Plugin Contributor mbrsolution


    Hi, sorry but I am out of ideas on how to troubleshoot this issue.

    I have submitted a message to the developers to investigate further your issue.

    Kind regards

    Plugin Author mra13


    The plugin doesn’t have any restriction for cards outside of the US. Once you click the smart checkout button and the PayPal payment page opens, it is controlled by PayPal. We don’t really have any say in there (the plugin just uses the API to pass in the item and amount information for the transaction).

    Does the same issue happen if the customer is checking out using the standard paypal checkout option? Using a credit card but instead of the smart checkout, using the standard paypal checkout option.

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