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  • Really guys, this is something that is bumping in my head some time now.

    suppose that you have a client that want’s your services, but he´s not from your town or country, maybe the client want’s that you build for him a web site.

    Ok the questions are:

    How you deal with the payments from your client?
    Do you develope all the work and in the end get paid? or in the middle of the process?
    How do you get paid? paypal? money? chek???


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  • There are a couple ways to handle it. There are a few escrow services out there– the money is paid in total into the escrow service by the client and released to you upon satisfactory completion of the job. I’d google that and see what you find, it’s how most of the freelancer sites handle things.

    I use paypal most of the time. I demand 50% before I even start working on the project, and 50% upon completion.

    If it is a big project I just write up milestones and split the 50% into four 25% payments, 25% to start, 25% upon each major milestone and 25% upon completion.

    You can also use elance (, which will keep them honest on their part because elance will have their creditcard information incase they don’t pay up. Elance makes you pay monthly though.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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