• Hello!

    We sell training online using wordpress and s2member.

    We are currently offering a 16 week course for $1200, with 12 months free level 2 access.

    I would like to offer our customers the option to make one payment for $1200, 2 payments for $600each (one up front, then the other one month later), and 4 Payments for $300ea.

    Site access is normally $40/mo. I would like to see the customers account charged the $40 per month after their 12 month subscription expires.

    The first option of 1 payment is the easiest and the shortcode generator was perfect.

    The second option of 2 payments gets a little more hairy, but i can tell it to provide a trial period of one month for $600, and then give 12 months access after that for $600. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that their subscription will recur at the $40/mo price point thereafter.

    The third option of 4 payments leaves me baffled.

    Has anyone developed a way, or know a workaround, for this?

    Thank you for your time and help!



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