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    Hello. I have a doubt, hope some of you can help me solve it.

    I have a +18 content website and the main companies (visa, mastercard, paypal, stripe…) do not allow me to work with them directly on this type of website but I have seen that some websites in the sector do include them as payment methods and I wonder how they do it. I think Visa/MC allow to be included if it is through a platform or some type of intermediary with which they do have an agreement but I don’t know if that’s what they did. I’ve even seen websites that use Stripe as gateway besides the company clearly rejecting working with this kind of webs/businesses (they blocked my account because of that).

    I would like to know if there are any options available for a WP website that do this function and allow you to include the main payment methods.

    I don’t know much about Woocommerce and the info I’ve found about this is confusing.

    All the usual methods reject these types of websites if you try to use them directly. I suppose that with Woocommerce, if the option it gives you is to directly connect your personal paypal, stripe, etc., the same thing will happen. I don’t know if they have any other valid option. That’s why I wanted to know if you have any specific options that could be useful, whether in a plugin like WooCommerce or otherwise, because I think it’s not possible with the usual ones. If you try to make the normal PayPal or Stripe connection like any other website or store, they reject it when they see the theme. Don’t know if the +18 webs that include Visa/MC etc do it through a 3rd party that has agreements with them to include this type of website, not informing and keeping away with it (rare bc are very professional webs) or how.


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    There are a number of payment gateway plugins. Each one has their own policy about what sort of businesses they will allow. It’s going to take some research into each one’s TOS to find something suitable.

    If you can find any payment processing service that has an API available to process payments, even if it has no available WP plugin, a bespoke plugin could be developed to work with their API.

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    @bcworkz Thank you so much for answering. The problem is the strict block from Paypal/Stripe (and even less known options) than are the main gateways included in plugins like Woocommerce. So, even if there was an alternative plugin that accepts your business you couldn’t work with it because you couldn’t use Paypal/Stripe and therefore VISA/MC.

    For example, this is from Woocomerce: “Due to restrictions put in place by card networks, our payment processors, and their financial service providers, some business types and product types are not allowed to transact using WooPayments. Those include: (…) Adult content”

    The only solution I’ve found/read about is to work with a group of +18 friendly banks that accept (or some are even mostly dedicated to) our kind of websites/businesses that have agreements with Visa/MC to include them, but they make you pay a high cost fee (at least the ones I’ve contacted), too much for an amateur “let’s see how it goes” kind of project. That’s why I’d like to know if someone knows a better way to solve my problem

    About your second answer, it seems like some +18 friendly gateways have WP plugins, but do you know what would take to add one that don’t have it to my website? It is always neccesary a plugin or there are other ways?

    Thanks again.

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    You’ll need some custom code to interface with some third party API which doesn’t already have a WP plugin. There are only two ways to add custom code to WP, a bespoke theme (usually as a child theme) or bespoke plugin.

    Unless you plan on customizing theme templates, a plugin will be easier to create. A basic plugin is pretty simple, the difficulty will be in developing code that properly interfaces with the third party API. Because money is involved and security is paramount, developing a payment gateway is not a trivial task. I assume PayPal is not a possible resource for you, but just to give you an idea of what could be involved, here is documentation for their Payment API.

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