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    i’m using the Gateway add-on to link myCRED with Events Manager. I’ve set everything up with myCRED as the single payment method for event attendance. Everything was working fine, my test user accounts were able to “pay” for their spots in events with their myCRED balance, no problem. I had to step away from the project I’m using this combo on for a few days, and now I’ve come back to it and the payment link that is supposed to debit the user’s credits on the “My Bookings” page doesn’t work. It’s there, but clicking on it does absolutely NOTHING.

    I am running several other plugins, but tested this issue with all but myCRED and Events Manager deactivated. Running on the Twenty Twelve theme.

    Any ideas what could have gone wrong?

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    Ok so what changed between the time it worked and now that it does not? Have you updated myCRED? Added new plugin? Changed settings?

    Are you getting any error messages? On the My Booking page, do you get a javascript error when you click on the link? Maybe a javascript error is no longer triggering the show / hide feature? When you click on the “Pay” text, a small javascript will toggle the payment window which is there but hidden until you click on the link. If something else is all of the sudden causing an error, it can prevent any more scripts from executing on the page which means when you click on the “Pay” text, nothing will happen.

    I use Chrome myself which has a developer tool that allows me to see any issues on a website. Usually this is how I see if there are javascript errors or inspect html elements.

    I may have updated, I just do the one click updates for everything as I see them come up. Was there a myCRED update recently? Like I mentioned, I tried with ONLY myCRED and Events Manager activated, on the un-altered TwentyTwelve theme, so I don’t believe it’s any other plugins that are the issue.

    No error messages. Everything seems to be working perfectly, except for the payment link. It returns a javascript void URL when I right click/copy the link or open it in a new tab (Chrome also, but same issue in Safari on a Mac).

    Thanks for reading 🙂

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Yes, the link has void in it because a script is listening to detect a click and we don’t want your browser to refresh when you click, hence the void.

    Ok so it sounds to me like this is a javascript issue. I would visit the My Balance page using Chrome, right click on the Pay link and select “Inspect Element”.

    This will open the Chrome Developer window. Here, you have something called “Console” which shows warnings and errors that the browser has detected. I suspect it will show a javascript error here. If not, then you can contact me via the myCRED website with login details for a regular (non admin) account that I can use to visit and try to pay for an event (so make sure I have points).

    Checked the console as directed and saw nothing (it said “top frame” in a drop down, and below it was nothing but “<“), so I’m creating a new user and contacting you now. Thanks for the help 🙂

    Nevermind me, Gabriel and I figured it out. I was trying to “pay” for my own events :”)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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