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    There are too many problems with paid memberships Pro to list. The payment integration for recurring subscriptions is not properly functioning. It’s charging customers week after week but no payments even show up in stripe. There is no way for me to cancel their subscriptions because stripe has no record of the transactions. I had to tell my customers to put a stop payment on my own business. This was very disheartening. Other customers show up on stripe but never show up as orders in PMP. Other customers get a payment error: unable to process transaction but are charged multiple times (one customer was charged 8 times). Other customers show up on orders and on stripe but their member information never gets into the system. We had to shut down our business because of this and it has cost us thousands of dollars.

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    Hi, @crocketeers. I am sorry for the issues you had using PMPro.

    We’ve been in touch with you in our support system. As a review, it seems you had connected PMPro to 2 different Stripe accounts, leading to the confusion with the orders. I hope that Stripe was able to help you find the second account and the payments and customers there. We will stay in touch with you to resolve things on the WP/PMPro end.

    The process of connecting PMPro to Stripe can be confusing, leading to issues like this. We are making updates to our UI to help avoid this. We will send recommendations to Stripe as well. There are things they can do on their side.

    Again, I hope you have been able to resolve the issues you had. We will continue to support you on our side. Thanks. Good luck with the site.

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    It looks like my 1099 account with doordash was somehow linked to my stripe account. Very confusing but I got it figured out. We called stripe 8 different times and at first stripe told me that the charges were linked to an Australian domain. Eventually after the eighth time talking to stripe they gave me a redacted email that I recognized. I tried logging in with it and it took me to a page to sign up. I signed up with the email they gave me and poof, the money was there. Along with my doordash account for my 1099’s. So strange but I’m glad I finally got it figured out.

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