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    A member of our team changed the secret key from our Stripe API settings some months ago. After this, we realized that WooCommerce was still putting the orders as “Processing” instead of “Failed”. In Stripe we’re receiving the source of the payment, but we’re not charging for it. The money is not with us, but WooCommerce still mark the orders as paid.

    This is a very serious problem, because we served orders that has not been paid.
    Is this a bug of the plugin?

    We updated the secret key in our WooCommerce Stripe settings and now everything is working as expected.


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    Hi there,

    It sounds like Stripe settings were changed and the plugin stopped working correctly. This doesn’t seem like a bug in the plugin but probably a misconfiguration on your site.

    If you enabled debug logs for the transactions that didn’t go through, we might be able to find a clue of what was going on at the time. Please copy/ paste the relevant part of the logs in your reply so we can take a look. Note: please redact /remove sensitive information about your customer before posting it to a public forum.

    Also, Could you share your System Status Report, it would help us to understand your site setup a bit better. You can find it via WooCommerce > Status. Select Get system report and then Copy for support. Once you’ve done that, paste it here in your reply.

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    This is the log of a transaction As you can see the transaction was not valid, but in the order notes we can see this: It seems that the orders appear as Failed but after that they reduce the stock and change to processing, we don’t know why…

    Here’s the system status report:

    Thanks for your time, best.

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    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hi there!

    So I understand that you had added an incorrect key, the order then returned an error:

    [code] => api_key_expired
    [doc_url] =>
    [message] => Expired API Key provided: sk_live_*********************************************************************************************
    [type] => invalid_request_error

    However the order was then changed to processing, rather than failed.

    You have since updated the key and the site is working as expected.

    Were any other edits made to the site just before the key was switched, or between the time the key was switched and the orders began processing correctly? Were any plugins added or modified that may have forced the order status to change incorrectly?

    I see that you have WooCommerce Order Status Manager: installed. Have you made any edits to that plugin?

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    I don’t think we have a plugin or custom code that caused this. I just checked Order Status Manager and we have not changed any core statuses, we simply added 3 custom ones that we use for our B2B clients.
    A way to test this is with a default theme and trying to put an incorrect key with our Stripe account and see if it happens the same or not?

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    Hi @andreu,

    From the screenshot here it looks like there is a stock management plugin at play as well? i.e when the payment fails, the stock of products still got reduced which could be triggering order processing further and hence the multiple processing status even after failed payment.

    >A way to test this is with a default theme and trying to put an incorrect key with our Stripe account and see if it happens the same or not?

    Yes. You are correct. I would recommend you to try it with all plugins disabled except for WooCommerce and Stripe Gateway.

    Do keep us posted on how this troubleshooting works out for you.

    Plugin Support Sol J. a11n


    We haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m going to mark this as resolved – we’ll be here if you’re still having the issue

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