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    I need a plugin to charge users to register to my site, and to have pages with content only viewable to users logged in.

    I have tried and their plugin, sadly it is the worst customer support I have ever received and it is no longer usable for me.

    Are their any other ones out there? can “WP e-Commerce” do that?

    Please respond asap, my client is frustrated that his site is not accessible and I have wasted money already on gootix plugin.

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    e-commerce is shopping cart, I believe. Have you even looked at it?


    you need a plugin for a client

    I am sure you can find someone that knows PHP to write you one for a fee.



    ASAP you say? Don’t sell your customer something you can’t deliver, IMHO.

    Anyway, one minute on Google came up with


    Hope that’s helpful.




    just another “designer” that .. handy stuck a sock in my keyboard.



    Yes, for a client. I don’t see anything wrong with it. And I need it asap because his last plugin failed. I already delivered the site design myself then added wordpress and a plugin which ended up failing, now I’m looking for a replacement plugin for him.

    Also, have you even looked at it?
    It says on the site: “ยป Members Only / Subscription sites”

    I just wanted to make sure it is how I want it to function, thanks for trying to help.

    I am also afraid I don’t understand:
    “just another “designer” that .. handy stuck a sock in my keyboard.”

    I assume you think i am charging for this service, no I charged for my design services I am just using wordpress for this part because it can do what he wants.

    mendezki Thanks for the links. I have tried the second one, it is from gootix the company I tried the first time. As for the second one, I will attempt that one soon. If anyone has used the shopping cart plugin, please tell me how it is.



    I’ve tested the WP e-Commerce plugin, easy to install and use. The ‘Members Only’ functionality appears to be a recent addition, can’t say anything about that…

    Also recently purchased off Gootix (PayBox). Service is slow to say the least. Still waiting after 10 days for domain license to be validated.

    I also purchased PayBox from Gootix and it is starting to look like I made a big mistake. The support is nearly non-existent, and as of now the site is “Offline” for “upgrades”. The developer keeps making proimises he can’t keep and it seems as though he put the cart before the horse.

    I bought the Gootix 10-site license. It’s not my style to go on the net and rant like this, however…

    There are several problems that I’m not getting answers for right now, and I’ve been issuing tickets through their site every time I come across a problem. I’ve got about 3 tickets closed already (the first is they forgot to grant me 10 licenses and they finally added them.) As of this evening, I can no longer access my tickets on their site as it says my licenses have expired (without any forewarning)–which has provoked me to write this.

    2. I already have about 50 subscribers to a live video online training system on another site, however I have to pay that site owner quite a bit and it’s not even my own site so I have no control content or design. He was supposed to do marketing for me but never has, so I want to pull out of the service. I now have 50 subscribers kind of wondering what the hell’s going on and I need my new site up and running yesterday (actually Dec 7).

    Gootix’s response time is way too slow. It even mentions somewhere on his site that if it takes him another 6 months to get something fixed, then so be it. I feel like, in 6 months I could build my subscription by 300 more with proper working website, this is like BS. I guess this guy is just retired and doing this for fun.

    I’ve checked other membership software on the net. Some of the packages start at around $4000 US. I’m ok with that, but the starter package won’t provide for my subscription base, and it’s not in a familiar format I’m used to using, like WordPress is. WordPress could really profit off this idea by selling a comparable system for a fraction of the cost. (I’d pay bc it’d make me loads more). I’m even willing to pay this Gootix guy more if he gets his ass in gear.

    I posted a ticket to Gootix, called “How much more should I pay to get your attention?” Apparently the tickets automatically close after a week if neither side responds (and Gootix didn’t respond).

    3. So now I have most of my members registered and I’ve changed their status to paying members with full access. You can use “private” and “/private” (using “[]”) in your posts to only let members see parts of the content. I usually keep all text as free and multimedia videos and MP3s related to the text as paid-for material.
    Unfortunately if I’m logged in on a separate computer with a test account even though I have full access, I can never see the paid-for material behind the private tags. Instead the message “you must log-in” to read this appears, and I log-in again, and it still doesn’t work.

    4. My site teaches English and most of the site is written in Chinese ( I’ve been able to localize some or most of the PayBox messaging which is good. But my site is split between Basic, Intermediate, Advanced levels. Traditionally I sold Basic as one package and Intermediate as another, and so on. Right now, if I use the Gootix options of Basic Normal Premium, they’re usually for subscription time length, which is good. However, the names Basic, Normal, Premium are misleading and I want to post my own names. I want to be able to add more options. Even when I did add another Normal package to make it different from the first Normal package (one would be for Basic, another for Intermediate), I don’t have the option on pages and posts to limit that material to that particular payment option. That sucks.
    So another way to do this, is forget about the time length membership and sell Basic as Basic English, Normal as Intermediate English, and Premium as Advanced English. But the titles are completely misleading when people are going through the system to buy.
    What other option do I have then, split it into 3 separate sites? The PayBox system is not flexible. I know that’s hard to write for some programming kid without much experience, but if I’m paying for what’s advertised, why can’t I get it? And my clients that are paying 10x more than this feeble system, what are they going to say about me?
    I’m already running short on budget because I haven’t sold a new subscription in 2 months and I have to eat next month, you know? I have a pretty big mailing list that I’m going to make immediate sales from once this thing will work, and I need that done before my rent comes up at the beginning of January. I don’t have another laid-back 6 months like Gootix does. I don’t know if this is some kid in school moonlighting for fun. I have no idea what he does during the day. But I’m up way into the night on GMT+8 and I usually start hearing from him pretty late in his day (in Greece) like when it’s 3 or 4am for me.

    What I’ve done is disable the payment options in registration, and I’ve posted my own PayPal payment buttons on the website with a flow-through that says after you’ve paid, make sure you register and I’ll have to do the rest of the work by hand–which I don’t have a problem with as long as the payments are working and private paid-for data can be kept private and accessible to paying users.

    5. Finally why do I need multiple licenses? I have another site selling business articles, and a couple other sites for teaching other languages.

    This is where PayBox made a big error in selling the multiple license. This is more of a PayPal problem. After reading through all the documentation and reading all the PayPal documentation, I discover PayPal only offers one IPN code per user (a URL that has a password embedded in order to prevent fraudulent orders).

    In order for the PayBox system to work, you have to have this URL code (which is already provided in the PayBox PayPal plugin edit, second box), and this URL code is specific for the site you’re working on. Now, when I go to my other site and I go in, PayBox tells me the special URL for the PayPal IPN is yet a different address.

    Now, there’s one thing I could do, is sign up for another PayPal account and get a separate IPN. But why? And I don’t think I’d be able to get the business account right off the bat in order to sell subscriptions.

    So, all in all, Gootix is flailing and providing something that hasn’t even been tested. (What’s he using on his own site?!?!?)

    I’ve been very patient and waiting. Yeah, he doesn’t keep his promises of when things will be released. Yet I’ve been patient because I sort of need this and willing to pay for it. Even if I’m willing to pay more does that mean he’ll be able to pull through and get it done? I have no idea. I think this is a problem of “ability” rather than resources. Case in point: MS has $billions and still screws things up.

    Now, I’d rather ONLY pay once I have a working product delivered in my hands. Whatever it costs, just get it done!

    I don’t care about PayBox or Gootix anymore. All I want is for my private content to be accessible to members only, once they log-in. The PayBox log-in is not working because private material cannot be accessed. All the rest regarding payment and everything else I can set up alternate methods.

    Does anybody out there know how to figure out how to get “private” content read only when a user’s logged in?

    THat’s pretty much all I need to launch this thing public. Thanks.


    An email sent to the Gootix site (via the tickets) has been returned as undeliverable as a “permanent” error and the address has failed.

    I guess Gootix packed it up and it’s all over folks.

    I hope you guys didn’t buy the 10-site license like I did. Who knows, maybe I can find a PHP guy who can tweak some of this code and get it to work, I’m not sure.

    I think Gootix could have done a great service for all of us if he was just frank with us. There’s a thing in business known as “transparency” that not only builds trust but also improves teamwork.

    To Glossika:

    1. We didnt forgot to add the 10 license. (If you paid with e-check then such things happens)


    2. I already have about 50 subscribers to a live video online training system on another site, however I have to pay that site owner quite a bit and it’s not even my own site so I have no control content or design. He was supposed to do marketing for me but never has, so I want to pull out of the service. I now have 50 subscribers kind of wondering what the hell’s going on and I need my new site up and running yesterday (actually Dec 7).

    Where is our fault here?

    3. Can there be somethings from your end?
    How is possible someone to login again after he is logged in already?! Your are the only who have this specific type of problem so i can say for sure that this is not PayBOX issue.

    4. There is an option on sidebarr of EDIT-> PAGE (or) POST interface to assign post/page to specific user account type (otherwise where is the reason to have different payment options if you cant provide different content?!?!?)

    5. You are wrong again. There is no need to change something regarding IPN from your paypal account.


    So, all in all, Gootix is flailing and providing something that hasn’t even been tested. (What’s he using on his own site?!?!?)

    We are marketing this plugin for about 2 Years now how you can say that it is untested? All software have problems here and there from time to time. (only problem we had recently is because of loss of programmer which leaves some important bugs behind and until we found new one there was some problem)

    And in conclusion:

    I think Gootix could have done a great service for all of us if he was just frank with us. There’s a thing in business known as “transparency” that not only builds trust but also improves teamwork.

    People who was with us from very beginning know what kind of support we provide. Everyone was getting answer within 24 Hours Guaranteed. (thats why I turned it back to “support via email” model and will not be using help desk software anymore, because it works better for us this way).

    And regarding returning emails: There was indeed some problem with 2 specific email accounts used on helpdesk system. Accept my apologies about this one.

    Thank you for your time.
    Sergios Singeridis

    Btw, regarding IPN, How come peoples who have bought 10 Sites License two or three times using it successfully without problem?

    I bought a 10 license pack last week. After no activation and no reply to my emails I find that not only does he not have a programmer, but he hasnt been dealing with the issues for months and will not be online for the next 3 months.

    yesterday he listed up for sale including this plugin.

    he is still accepting purchases and is still not responding to emails.

    See here:

    If you have a license I would suggest requesting a refund through paypal. He is not responding to emails but he has reisterd with the following phone number: +1.0724998442 (this seems fake. He is in Greece, +1 is the USA)
    His address is : NIKIOU 8, ATHENS, S 13671, GR

    What he has been doing can only be classed as fraud and I hope he gets whats coming to him.

    Hey feios, maybe peoples licenses dont work cause you havent been activating them…

    You have been spending time offline (you told me this) and so problems havent been dealt with and licenses havent been activated. You spent all the money you made as you expected to sell the website along with all the angry users who had nothing for their money. You used new users subscriptions to pay for the refunds of the earlier users.

    Only the users followed you when you listed the websites for sale and you closed the sale.

    this is the email that he sent to me confirming his fraudulent activity.
    “currently I dont have any money left on my paypal account as all was given in refunds on “first come first get” basis. I am waiting to be paid from someone and as soon as I will receive the money you will be refunded.


    Taking money from users with no intention of offering the service they paid for is fraud.

    You are scum.

    Moderator Tim Nash


    Volunteer Moderator and spam hunter

    Hi guys, like many others I got stung by Paybox and in the end resorted to getting the team to code our own the result

    Which is a sort of son of Paybox all the features plus some new ones but coded by people who knew what they were doing!

    If you bought paybox please contact me directly and I will happily give you a massive discount on single or developers license and get your membership sites back on track.


    I sent you an email a week ago and have not heard from you. How about you make this plugin free until we can confirm it actually works. If you are legit and need code fixes for the old gootix i still have some files that i updated around the dynamic encryption etc. I fixed a handful of bugs before i gave up.

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