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  • Is it possible to use Events Manager’s Paypal-Gateway with the option that Paypal opens with the Button “Pay without Paypal-Account”? That would be very important for me. However, on the test site on it seems like this option is not possible. Is there a solution for that?



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    Yeah, I was after that too, and had several chats with PayPal support, it’s on their end. They have removed that possibility a year ago ca. Really annoying, they say it’s for “your” convenience and “proven” improved sales for you. It’s a total lucky shot if a user actually gets to pay without creating/signing in to PayPal account.

    (I’m not part of the Events Manager team, just had the same request as you do.)

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    The “Pay as Guest” of PayPal is on the PayPal side. The last time I had contact with PayPal is it Depends on several factors, The main once are:

    1. Users IP Location: They only allow it on certain countries
    2. Cookies: If you have previously paid using PayPal on that browser, It sets a cookie so on your 2nd time it would ask you to login with your PayPal.

    However, I wouldn’t be surprised if PayPal would completely remove it, like what @ungern mentioned.



    Correct, country was in there too, as a divider of possibilities.
    “Pay as guest” was a really neat solution, no hassle to sign up both on customers site AND sign up / log in at Paypal.
    Due to this now missing, we’re trying other payment solutions instead.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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