• Are you kidding me? A phone number is such a standard and common field to have. This is such a blatant money grab. Of course everyone is going to want a phone number in their form. I understand other premium features like file upload are justified. The authors of this plugin have spent a lot of time and dedication to this plugin. Premium features are understandable, but for a phone number, that is just so greedy. I have recommended Fluent Forms to many people as an alternative to Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7, but now after seeing phone number is a premium feature, I will no longer recommend and advise my clients that paid for it to not renew their subscription.

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  • Plugin Support Amimul Ihsan Mahdi


    Hello SethO,

    Thanks for your feedback. Fluent Forms is a plugin that offers a wide range of features at no cost, including essential fields, submission storage, and email notifications. In the plugin landscape, Fluent Forms stands out as one of the few providers to offer these features completely free of charge.

    To ensure continuous development, this plugin employs a freemium model, which implies that certain advanced features, such as the Phone field, are available exclusively through a premium subscription.

    As a workaround, consider utilizing the Simple Text Field or Mask Input Field to gather phone numbers from your users. These options are included in the free version and provide a convenient way to capture phone numbers in your form.

    Fluent Forms offers a robust suite of capabilities that can potentially benefit businesses. Again, thank you for your feedback and I hope you reconsider to revise your review based on other features Fluent Forms Provide.

    Thank you

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