• Nope. I don’t recommend.
    If you have an issue and are trying this plugin out to see if it’s even a good fit for your site, you get no support period… unless some other user has pity on you and provides some feedback.

    I have a problem of new uploaded media not showing up on S3 bucket (something the FREE version is supposed to do). I followed all the steps in his quick start guide and it doesn’t work, yet he wants me to pay at least $60 dollars (lowest pro version cost) to find out why a free feature doesn’t work.

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  • Plugin Author Brad Touesnard


    We offer a money back guarantee so you can safely try the paid plugin and if it’s not a fit for you, you can get a refund. We’re a small team and have made the decision not to sacrifice the quality of our customer support for paying customers by spending a bunch of our limited resources providing free support here. It’s fine to disagree with this policy, but we will not be pressured into helping you because of a 1-star review.

    Ben Meredith


    Keep your chin up, Brad. You do some of the best work around.

    CreativeCall, you should really consider asking your plumber (or the hardware store) to come fix your DIY pipe fix that didn’t work, and be sure to ask them not to charge. Let us know how that goes.

    That being said, I’m sure there’s a way to get your issue resolved, using the grade-school principle of asking the right people (other devs can help), and asking nicely.

    But you might have already burned that bridge. We all really like the DeliciousBrains team.

    Not trying to pressure you Brad. I understand about small teams. But if the plugin has a free version, there should be something that helps with that common issue of the bucket not connecting to S3. Just common courtesy… putting a few FAQs about that is something you may consider doing in the future.
    I’ve seen several posts about it…and the silence on that is just not cool. I don’t know the Delicious Brains team from one team or the other Ben…so not trying to burn bridges. It is what it is. As a consumer, I’m also not going to be pressured into paying $60 for a ‘free’ plugin that doesn’t work as soon as it’s installed even after following the instructions to a tee. How is that fair? I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’m just the only one at the moment who decided to rate the experience. I DO pay for plugins regulary and seriously considered purchasing this one since it appears to be the only one of it’s kind…I mean I don’t see another one as marketed as this one on the web – so congrats on that, but as a potential customer, I didn’t feel valued since a common issue was ignored on multiple posts. I don’t know you Brad, Delicious Brains Team or Ben…it’s not personal. Thanks for the response.

    Thanks for the heads up Brad as for the other two the dev and his fan boy, if you product, even in free version, doesn’t do what it says or has a bug and you feel it in good busniess practice to pressure someone to get help with your product they chose to try then I think you need to revist your busniess model, this is no dyi pipe job, he downloaded a plugin,(not one of his creating but advertised) and it did not work according to its description asked for help, and was told to pay for that, I can see why it’s a small team.
    Once agian Brad thank you we where considering this for a enterprise level site, but if strong arming is there model then I feel it’s best to look else where.

    Wow, I was considering using this plugin as well, but the sheer gall of the developer to insinuate that support for free users is a waste of resources? I wouldn’t use it now if THEY paid ME!

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