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  • I have searched and not found this issue addressed anywhere, if I overlooked it I apologize. I got the Uploader to work, can upload images, and images display in my posts. So the path is correct.

    However, within the flash uploader popup itself, the links at the top for Gallery & Media Library are broken. For example, I when I hover I get this URL: http:///?post_id=170&type=image&tab=gallery

    In MySQL(5), the path to the uploaded images shows the server root path (I did not enter this path) ie, c:\myaccount\\folder/wp-content/uploads/

    I’m using the default upload folder: wp-content/uploads and have the full URL path

    Everything is working fine, except I can’t get to the gallery of images already uploaded due to that path /?post_id=?

    Any suggestions? I must have a path wrong somewhere, but everything else seems to be working and I don’t want to break it.

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