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  • I have even used its enterprise version and have found it good for nothing. The affiliate even can’t enter the Paypal ID at the time of signup (only 4-5 fields) and countless many other things. Yes, its not a scam but if you are looking for an high quality affiliates plugin this is not for you, try something else.

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  • if you don’t know how to use something does not mean it’s pathetic.
    The form is kept simple to make registration as easy as possible, but you can customize this.
    And the “other things”, is as easy as using support, we are happy to help you with any problems.

    Yes, i was not expecting a response better than this.

    As you mentioned that “i can customize the form”, please let me know how to do. I don’t see any options to customize it. And yes, only few fields will lead to the Affiliate User and most of them will be saved to the WP user, you call this affiliates plugin in which part of the info can be seen at WP and part at the Affiliate Dashboard? The simplicity of the form does not work for most of the countries because of thr Taxation Numbers and other forms.

    Shop Manager even can’t see the Address to decide how to pay, you call this simplicity?

    I don’t know what stops you guys to have a look at the other Affiliate Modules (apart from WP) to improve the Affiliate Handling part.

    And as far as the support is concerned, i have seen that too, the support took days to start answering. You call this support?

    You know why i am putting my suggestions here because your forum is 100% moderated, one can’t even feel that he is free on your forum.

    Only two more things:
    – The itthinx’s “support forum” is just that, a forum for support, not a forum to write about whatever you want. It’s about creating a knowledge base.
    – If you ask me why not look at other plugins to create mine, this tells me the way you work, it does not look for anything to ours.

    Thanks for your feedback

    Its good the way you are handling my critic. I am not a plugin developer at all, if i had the capability to do this why would i have paid you? All i can tell you is the ground reality a user like me is facing, i don’t mind if you don’t want to even know what options should be thr (atleast Paypal, Bank details, Address).

    And yes, no one is going to write poetry on your forum, WordPress forum is the a ‘knowledge base’ too.

    We all work in open source and an open environment Sir and we love freedom. Hope you agree.


    Plugin Author itthinx


    Regarding fields see: – as a customer you simply could have asked for it, too.

    Regarding all the rest, the site and interaction on it speaks for itself.

    Can anyone please please help me!

    I purchased the Affiliate plugin 2 weeks ago whilst my web developer was off.

    He has returned and tried to up load and got a ‘expired’ message.

    I purchased this as a one off purchase and paid by Credit card.

    On visiting ittinx shop I have no idea how to contact them to resolve. The system is stating that I have to be a valid member to post anything?

    How do I become a member, and has anyone any idea how I can get this plugin re-instated….or speak/communicate with anyone.

    A very depressed and suppressed individual, who is thinking of jumping off a bridge as I have spent all day on this!

    PLease help me someone 🙁

    Plugin Author itthinx


    @tokulus You have access in the Downloads section – and all you need to get in touch is stated on the Support page.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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