• Can’t really begin to describe how much of a joke this company is and the fact that they ever are still around on WordPress. I would avoid them at all costs as it will be a complete waste of time.

    I am well versed in WordPress, SEO, schema, etc, and I was seeking a Schema Knowledge Graph tool and had kicked the tires with WordLift a few years ago, as well as Schema App.

    I decided to give the trial another shot, and it was so frustrating how much time I spent trying to configure everything, only to realize that the UI and functionality is broken and outdated throughout the wordpress interface as well as the actual Wordlift Portal.

    When i say pathetic, I am talking the fact that as soon as you onboard into the trial, you find that you can change the domain that is the CNAME for the subdomain of the knowledge graph. Then as you onboard further you find broken buttons, and that everything you are reading in the help documentation is outdated at best.

    They have references to Universal Analytics and nothing for GA4, and as you go through all the tools of the platform. The sales people and support are useless, when I say useless you are better blowing hot air into a balloon and watching it fly away, as at least that would be doing something.

    The #1 reason I will avoid them at all costs and make sure everyone knows this is a horrible tool is because I lost all respect and actually resent tech companies and SaaS tools that by default direct people to their knowledge base, and i am good with that, except for Wordlift their staff is too dumb and stupid to even update their help documentation and act like i am the first one to bring it to their attention.

    Does no one from their team even check their tool to make sure everything works or update everything?

    My favorite part is the sales lady even was discussing enterprise with me when i had to be like how about you make sure your buttons and tool works first before I give anymore to your scam of a tool.

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  • Plugin Support valentinai


    Dear Daniel,

    Thank you for your candid feedback. We take your concerns seriously and are actively working on improvements:

    1. We are removing outdated information on Google Analytics to ensure more accurate data.

    2. A new on-boarding flow for WordPress users is set to release this quarter, aimed at resolving the inconsistencies you’ve highlighted.

    3. Updating the GA integration is on our roadmap. Meanwhile, you can blend data from the Knowledge Graph with Google Analytics and Google Search Console using the Looker Data Studio connector.

    Your input is invaluable to us, and we’re committed to serving you and clients like you better moving forward. Please feel free to reach out if you have more comments or concerns.

    Best regards,

    WordLift Team

    Thread Starter Daniel Lynch


    Honestly if you actually cared about people’s time you would not offer an outdated product and have people who reply to questions with read the outdated support documentation.

    Your tool and platform is outdated for the price point and the fact that you are ok with people wasting hours of their time to set it up and believe in your product is demoralizing when they realize that you guys have not even checked to see what you are offering or what works on your end.

    I recommend everyone use a tool called Inlinks – cheaper price point and will automatically generate Entity based schema using the Google NLP API and will automatically crawl your site and within a few minutes automatically build out knowledge graph entity association, schema markup for all entities, and then popular FAQ schema on each page.

    In addition it uses a platform where you can target your pillar pages for creates a hub of backlinks and then also associate that with the Schema Markup, Internal Linking, and other strategies for content brief.

    So when I see that I could onboard all this functionality in the matter of minutes with no issues, it proves my point how outdated your tool and that you have no right take anyone’s money if you do not value their time, and when I see the responses above – I do not believe in participation trophies and I think everyone reading this should know how much of a waste any efforts are financially or with your time towards a tool where the Help Documentation you are given by the support team references outdated functionality and the tool has not been updated in even longer than the help documentation suggests.

    SaaS tools need to learn that the smoke and mirrors of the 2010-2020 era are coming to a close, and that consumers have more options than ever to find a variety of tools vs feel cornered with only 1-2 tools for a certain functionality that are only ones who had enough marketing budget to get their name out there and then focused more on marketing, than following through on the goal that they set out when they created their platform.

    The fact you are doing an update for the issues I addressed just tells me that if I had not written this review or shared my feedback, that no one on your team is doing their due diligence to think with end user first, and that you only are worried about your reputation to get more customers, vs realizing if you just did a good job on what you said you would – this would have never happened.

    Your management should reflect on what the core values are for your business and if all you care about is enterprise level customers, then don’t offer options for small and mid-level businesses to just make revenue when you know you can not help them.

    Anyone reading this should realize a SaaS tool should not have to give updates from a customer’s feedback that they can see with their own eyes as it is only the high level issues I saw during onboarding, and that I have zero faith in any of their other functionality as page performance, impacts to Google Algorithm but using a sub-domain (functionality was broken so it had to be wordlift) and that if you leave the platform I still have BOTS crawling the entity knowledge that was left leaving 404 errors because i deleted Wordlift.

    Think about this if Wordlift creates an entity let’s says by using a sub-domain “wordlift.data.io/entity-xyz/” when that is deleted from the database which is driven by the backbone of ACF Custom Fields, and then you delete those values which are on your site for search engines to crawl, how can you avoid 404 errors, and I believed when they said not an issue, only to check 404 Monitor on Rank Math and see Yandex, Bing, and Google BOTS giving 404 responses by the dozen of missing URL’s they had already scraped and read?

    Inlinks makes everything run on your website by inserting a basic line of javascript into the site vs Wordlift will also have you used Advanced Custom Fields which slows down the performance of the site, and so when I see issues like the ones above combined with increased server utilization, this translate to other issues, and this is just what I saw in the first 3 days of my trial. Talking to support, why even bother, they don’t even understand how to use their own tool and were deer in head lights on basic questions like they had never even opened the platform before or knew what I was talking about.

    SDR’s need to be trained on their platform better than someone who has never used it but has a background in SEO, how am I supposed to do anything other than laugh when the SDR responds to my questions about things being broken by pitching the Enterprise Level Plan.

    When i Look at your “big business partners” I would be curious which ones actually use your platform as the SDR also told me you guys don’t really work with Airbnb so it makes me wonder where do the smoke and mirrors actually end w/ your platform, and are you guys really thinking about the best interest of your customers?

    Integrations – Did wordlift miss the boat with API’s becoming a mainstream functionality?

    All of your competitors are leveraging API’s more in depth such that NLP can read the page, identify the entity, and automatically writes the Schema. How long would it take to do that manually on Wordlift as Wordlift is cited as an AI tool on the internet (probably because they put more money towards marketing than their platform) but in actuality if you talk to the SDR (point of contact) then you will realize everything is more manual than you would like and very time consuming.

    Let me know if you have any other issues you are going to resolve, so I can provide clarity to everyone that the issues are more deeply rooted than the UI and what you see on the surface, and there are 100% better options out there that will be more economical, provide better functionality, and are actually up-to-date with modern SaaS business practices incorporating OpenAI, and other NLP models available via API vs a platform built out ACF Custom Fields that will consume your server utilization, lead to impacted user experience, and thus hurt your rankings if you are using anything other than a super lean CMS that does is not bloated by other plugins or themes.

    Plugin Support valentinai


    Thank you, Daniel, for taking the time to share your thoughts on our product. Here’s some additional context to address your concerns:

    • You mentioned a tab in the settings of the plugin that shall be removed. While it’s in our backlog, it hasn’t been a high priority because we introduced over a year ago a solution with the Looker Studio connector; the connector allows anyone to blend any schema from a WordLift KG with any of the 600+ Looker Studio-supported data sources. With the previous integration, we were limited to storing annotations as events in GA.
    • It’s true that we sometimes struggle to manage the varying priorities of different clients. However, the end goal is the same (automate SEO), and we all use the same platform. The user interface can differ, but the underlying technology to publish linked data, analyze content, and generate content is the same. Our platform is API-based; the same backend is used by both our store customers as well as our enterprise clients. Our clients can test the APIs available from here: https://docs.wordlift.io/category/api/
    • In mid-August,  we released a significant update to our backend platform to improve the filtering abilities of the GraphQL end-point; this helps our clients re-use the structured data in their knowledge graph. In August, we worked on 2,136 code additions and 405 code deletions on the WordPress plugin.
    • We have excellent relationships with the teams from both InLinks and SchemaApp and are pleased to hear that you found the solution that works for you. We all represent unique products for implementing a Semantic SEO strategy.
    • We offer straightforward solutions for text annotation through the Google Sheet Add-on and a free tool like the one we released at the end of August on our website. These are helpful options for those interested in semantic SEO. We developed our content analysis instead of relying on a third-party NLP platform to let clients use their custom vocabulary in the extraction. We constantly look for alternatives in this area and actively contribute to open-source projects like OpenTapioca or GPT-based solutions.
    • We are experiencing double-digit growth in ARR because we offer a solution that integrates various aspects of SEO, from semantic annotations and linked data publishing to content generation, such as the new connector for LangChain and Llama Index.
    • Your trial began on the evening of July 28th. After a series of emails with our Sales Representative, you decided to stop the trial without having the opportunity to talk with our technical support or SEO team. Our sales team works incredibly hard to acquire SEO skills and understand a complex, ever-evolving SEO automation platform. We’re far from perfect, but we strive to improve daily.

    Thank you for allowing us to clarify these points.

    Best Regards,

    WordLift Team

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