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  • I noticed there’s no clear cache button. This can be an issue for example when you change the date or add new posts that should relate to a previous one.

    As an example if you have Post X that has a Post Y in its related post list then change the date on Post Y, the URL on the cached post list on the Post X page won’t update accordingly and it’ll lead to a 404.
    Another example is if you create Post X and it has no related posts. If you then create Post Y and want it to relate to X, you probably want Y to appear in X’s related post list. A clear cache button is required to do this so next page load a new related post list is generated.

    I added a simple ‘Clear Cache’ button to the admin like so. In below

    <p class="description"><?php _e('Enabling this option will cache the related posts output when the post is visited the first time. The cache is cleaned when you save this page.',CRP_LOCAL_NAME); ?></p>


    <p><input type="button" value="<?php _e('Clear cache',CRP_LOCAL_NAME) ?>" onclick="return clearCache();" /></p>

    and above

    function checkForm() {

    in the JS at the bottom of the file add

    function clearCache() {
    	// since 2.8 ajaxurl is always defined in the admin header and points to admin-ajax.php, {action: 'crp_clear_cache'}, function(response, textStatus, jqXHR) {
    		alert( response.message );
    	}, 'json');

    That’s the HTML taken care of, now for the actual logic to delete the cache. In contextual-related-posts.php at the bottom above

    // End


    add_action('wp_ajax_crp_clear_cache', 'crp_ajax_clearcache');
    function crp_ajax_clearcache() {
    	global $wpdb; // this is how you get access to the database
    	$rows = $wpdb->query("
    		DELETE FROM " . $wpdb->postmeta . "
    		WHERE meta_key='crp_related_posts'
    	// Did an error occur?
    	if ( $rows === false )
    			'success' => 0,
    			'message' => "An error occurred clearing the cache. Please contact your site administrator.\n\nError message:\n" . $wpdb->print_error(),
    	// No error, return the number of
    			'success' => 1,
    			'message' => $rows . " cached row(s) cleared.",

    While I was in there I also fixed an error you get when updating settings with WP_DEBUG turned on:

    Notice: Undefined index: post_types in /path/to/wp-content/plugins/contextual-related-posts/ on line 84

    by changing

    $post_types_arr = (is_array($_POST['post_types'])) ? $_POST['post_types'] : array('post' => 'post');


    $post_types_arr = (isset($_POST['post_types']) && is_array($_POST['post_types'])) ? $_POST['post_types'] : array('post' => 'post');

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  • Plugin Author Ajay


    Thank you. Two quick questions.

    1. Do we need to use nonces to secure the response?

    2. You have {action: 'crp_clear_cache'} and function crp_ajax_clearcache() {
    Do these have to be same?

    No nonce required. The response comes from WP AJAX url which is secure and we don’t do anything with it other than alert anyway.

    The action ‘wp_ajax_crp_clear_cache’ triggers the wordpress event wp_ajax_crp_clear_cache which I’ve attached to the callback function crp_ajax_clearcache. You can rename the callback function to anything you like, that’s just what I named mine.

    If you want to change the action name, you’ll need to change teh WP event name to match.

    {action: 'foo'}
    add_action('wp_ajax_foo', ...

    See AJAX in Plugins for more information.

    Plugin Author Ajay


    Thank you. That clears. I’m giving the code a test drive on my install

    Plugin Author Ajay


    This has been implemented in v1.8.8 that I released today

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