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    As said in the topic the gallery paths have no / between them or the file name. i.e. wpcontent/gallery/galleryname/file.exe becomes wpcontentgallerygallerynamefile.exe

    I had this issue in 2.00 and now in 2.07 as well. Rolling back to 1.9 fixed the issue both times. I searched everywhere I could think of and didn’t see the issue as a topic or mentioned besides anyone but myself.

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    @solo013: We think we know, partially, what was causing this. In NextGEN 2.0.0 or 2.0.7, if you go to Gallery > Other Options > Image Options, you can set the path for where NG should upload files.

    The default setting is /wp-content/gallery/

    For some reason, for some users, the update cause the trailing / to drop off. You can fix this by just adding back the trailing / and re-uploading any images. Once that’s adjusted, it should be set.

    Here’s a screenshot of the relevant page in the options panel:

    Let us know if you have other questions on this.

    Tried the fix, but it didn’t fix anything.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @solo013: When you checked that setting, was the / missing? If so, I’m wondering if you can test whether NEW uploads are fine. The ones you uploaded while the / was missing may just have the wrong paths associated with them now.

    If you are still getting it with the new images, first, are you on a local Windows-based dev environment? If not, would you be willing to submit a bug report with login credentials so we can troubleshoot?

    New uploads didn’t work either. The / is present in the setting, and even if taken away is auto added to the setting field.

    It’s almost as something is using stripslashes() on the $Path & $File variables. I’ve been searching through the code of every file for anything I thought could cause it, but haven’t found anything that looks wrong.

    This is on a nature photography site with over 2000 photos. I have upgraded to 2.0.7 fine on 4 other sites that are on the same domain as sub-domains. It’s just the main domain www. site that won’t work right. Since 4 other sites on the same server work under sub-domains it’s really baffling me. Unfortunately I can’t supply login credentials. However, I’m willing to try and report the outcome of any test or solutions that are possible on the server.


    how can it be resolved when it is not 🙂

    I’ve got the same problem.. my paths are like:


    and when I add the slash/ manually the image appears, so all files are correctly uploaded.

    Anyone have any idea how to fix that ?


    ok, going back to ver.1.9.13 solves the problem for now… but I won;t update the plugin until it’s fixed in ver.2


    Wanted to update to say this is still broken in 2.0.11. It has not been resolved despite the thread being marked as resolved.

    Still broken in 2.0.21

    Still broken in 2.0.23

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