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  • Hi,

    I’ve been looking at making some contributions to the WordPress code base, I have read the developer documentation on SVN.

    I am using SmartSVN on Ubuntu, I understand how to apply patches downloaded from issues raised, however I am failing to understand how I can create a patch file.

    If I create a patch from SmartSVN the result is a .diff file of the changes. On the issues in trac I see users attaching a .patch file – how do I create this and when do I need to attach a patch over a diff?

    Once a patch has been tested and is confirmed working do I need to do anything further or does this just get included in the codebase later by others?


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  • The two types mean the same thing.
    You can attach your .diff file to the ticket and make a comment explaining what choices you made (if needed) and screenshots if applicable. You can @mention the owner or one of the team for that component, to get a review of the patch.
    It takes review and assignment to a milestone to get a ticket scheduled for release. There are a few people who can commit to the SVN repository, so one of them has to make the final actions.

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    @joyously Okay thanks for answering my questions on diffs/patches.

    Also, when building the WordPress environment using npm run build after I have installed for this first time I then ran npm run build again, I was expecting this to keep my wp-config.php file pointing at my database so I don’t have to go through the installation everytime I build. Am I missing some setup step or do I need to perform an install each time I run a build?


    No, you shouldn’t need to install every time. You probably shouldn’t have your dev folder where your installed folder is though. You can copy across to test. Reread the dev environment instructions.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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