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  • Greetings! As i am using wordpress a little over a month now and recently upgraded to version 1.2, i wanted to share my solution with the community.
    Wordpress 1.0 had a (useless, meaning it didnt affect the calendar at all) option to set the start of the week. That option was gone with version 1.2, but is still used in some functions while the calendar silently ignores this setting (still).
    I wonder what makes people think, that the whole world starts its weeks with sunday? Evil enough that php’s date-function makes that assumption. Anyways, my patch can be downloaded here:
    Its a diff against the CVS-Version (1.107) of that file and hopefully it becomes a part of WordPress. And please make that option visible again in the admin-interface. Users should not be forced to set their options via phpmyadmin *g* Thanks!

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  • Hmm … this forum could warn its users that it will cut off the part of the thread-title that is most essential to it 🙂
    It should have said:Patch: calendar makes use of the setting ‘start_of_week’

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