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    What am I doing wrong? I pasted the following code into my header.php file:

    if ( is_home() && function_exists(‘easingsliderlite’) ) {easingsliderlite();}; ?>

    in the hopes of displaying an image slider on my site’s home page. However, the slider doesn’t load (and I did try disabling the header text too at one point but that made no difference). Even worse, my navigation is gone.

    This is driving me crazy. I cannot see the problem but surely it is something simple. I’ve already tried disabling all my other plug-ins but it didn’t make a difference. I’d appreciate any help you can give. My website is and I’m using theme Twenty Twelve.

    Thank you,

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  • Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Hi @ncssta_admin, seems like you’ve chosen to use a different slideshow plugin. Are you still looking for help with this?

    Yes please, I’d still like help. I am not sold on the other slider, was just trying out some different things to see how it would look. Thank you,

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    No problem. Could you link me to a live example of the issue? Unfortunately not much I can do without being able to see the issue in my browser.

    OK, back in town and at real computer. Here’s my site: Now my slider is displaying (and boy do I need to fix those images) but no navigation or anything below that. What did I do?

    Underneathe the hgroup area and before navgroup, I have this:

    <?php if ( is_home() && function_exists(‘easingsliderlite’) ) {easingsliderlite();}; ?>

    <!– <?php easyrotator_display_rotator(‘erc_15_1373939875’); ?> –>

    I commented out the other slider plugin, deactivated it, and then uncommented easing slider and reactivated the plug in. Why is nothing showing below the slider?

    I am sure this is something very straightforward. Thank you!

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Thanks @ncssta_admin. Take a look at my screenshot. I’m not seeing the images (URLs seems to be invalid – try re-uploading them to WordPress with new filenames?), but am seeing the Pagination and Arrow icons. Are you not seeing the same?

    It turns out there were three old pictures that I’d uploaded in the very beginning but ended up deleting because they needed to be resized and cropped. However, deleting them from the Media Library didn’t delete them from the slideshow. They didn’t show up even with a placeholder, but the slideshow was still trying including them (something to fix in a future release!) I only figured this out because I finally sat still long enough for the slideshow to show me new photos I’d uploaded. When I deleted all photos and added my new photos again, the slider worked.

    However, I’m still having a problem in that nothing displays beneath the slider. My menu bar is gone and everything below that. How do I fix that? Thank you again,


    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    The Media Library is actually independent of the slideshow, although it does use images from it. Deleting any images in the slideshow when deleted from the Media Library would cause dozens of issues for a lot of users, so I don’t think it is really something that can be addressed. Sorry about that.

    I’ve just had another quick look at the site and I can see the menu bar fine. Have you managed to fix this issue? Extremely sorry for the delay in getting back to you, my sincere apologies.

    Hi Matthew,

    Re deleting images in the slideshow, all I needed was to see one of those blank X boxes that usually show up when a url for a picture is invalid and I would have known right away what the problem was. But it doesn’t show that. It wasn’t show anything at all.

    I did fix menu problem but I don’t understand how or why it got fixed which is very sad for anyone else who has this issue and is searching through the forums for an answer! I finally set up my child theme properly. When I did that, I accidentally saved my child header file over the parent header file. I had to start completely from scratch with brand new files. Eventually after messing around awhile, it worked. I don’t know why because I cut and pasted my same code edits.

    Anyway, have gotten lots of positive feedback on my site and the slider is such a nice way to highlight our photos. Thank you for developing and your help too.


    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Thanks for that Cathleen, glad everything has been resolved as hoped 🙂 Let me know if there is ever anything else I can do to help you 🙂

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