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  • Hi all.

    As i said in the subject, when i paste a text with the “Paste from Word” tool within the visual text editor of WordPress, the html tags that it uses for italic and bold text are <i> and <b> instead <em> and <strong>, but this has only happened since i upgraded WordPress to the 3.5 version.

    Any ideas about why and how to solve it?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.

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  • Yes, it does the same thing on my WordPress 3.5.
    I think it’s only since WP 3.5 update.

    But why do you tell it’s an issue ?
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    FYI: Your English is good.

    Hi and thanks for your reply kind sir.

    I think that maybe i have become a purist of html code XD, but this is the note in the w3 site about the <b> tag:

    According to the HTML 5 specification, the <b> tag should be used as a LAST resort when no other tag is more appropriate … emphasized text should be denoted with the <em> tag, important text should be denoted with the <strong>

    And this other explanation in the <i> tag:

    Use the <i> element only when there is not a more appropriate semantic element




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    Don’t paste content from Microsoft Word into WordPress as the pasted text will also contain Word’s own formatting. Sooner or later, this formatting will stop your pages from being displayed correctly (if at all) in Internet Explorer. If you cannot possibly manage without Word, paste your text into NotePad (or another text editor) first, then copy from NotePad into WordPress.

    Or use Windows LiveWriter.

    Hi esmi.

    As a matter of fact the WordPress text editor does a very good job deleting all that crappy format from Word (i always check the html code before posting), while keeping the bold and italic text at the same time, that is the only thing i want to keep. I’ve been doing this (pasting text from Word) many years now and i’m just concerned of this little change of tags, that i don’t know if it is even related to Word.

    I know that Word is ‘problematic’ at least, and i have tried a couple of times to get rid of it, but right now i’ve become too lazy 😉

    Thanks for your reply.



    Also esmi, that is fine advice for technical people but when dealing with clients… they have content in Word files and will likely need to copy/paste from there.

    The i/b tags are very annoying from the paste using the [w] paste button.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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