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  • I’m honestly not sure if this is a problem with the plugin or the new TinyMCE version, but since I wasn’t able to paste from Word/OpenOffice before installing this, I imagine it belongs here.

    Anyway, after updating, the Paste From Word button is gone. Paste As Text now appears to be a toggle between this and pasting as text, but the generated code is a mess that removes all my spacing. This didn’t happen before the update.

    I’m not so much concerned with the ugly code as the loss of spacing. It seems to be ignoring or removing both paragraphs and /br tags. It looks fine in the Visual Editor, but not in the published doc.

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  • Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


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    Yes, the Paste from Word popup is gone in TinyMCE 4.0. You should be able to paste directly in the editor (with Crtl + V) and it will cleanup the pasted content. If you prefer to paste as text, try pasting in the Text editor.

    Please please please bring Paste from Word button back 🙁

    I’m incredulous that they’ve removed paste from word radio button.

    The Moderators keep insisting it isn’t required and you paste straight from Word to WordPress since 3.9.

    It is nonsense because it doesn’t work.

    I can’t believe they didn’t test such an important feature before bringing it in.

    I have spent all day reviewing text editors because I can’t get my posts to appear properly.

    They need to roll this back ASAP!!!



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    I’m incredulous that they’ve removed paste from word radio button.

    “They” didn’t. TinyMCE 4 now allows for direct pasting from Word without having to click on any specific button.

    No you are wrong there. ‘They’ did remove the paste from Word radio button.

    You could always paste from Word before 3.9 but you would be silly to do so because it would be all messed up.

    Now all they’ve done in 3.9 is remove the paste from Word radio button and instructed everyone to paste directly from Word and guess what? It’s all messed up, it doesn’t work.



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    ‘They’ did remove the paste from Word radio button.

    Because it was no longer needed.

    Now all they’ve done in 3.9 is remove the paste from Word radio button and instructed everyone to paste directly from Word

    No – that’s simply incorrect.

    @esmi I have tried six times, it doesn’t work.

    You can tell me it works utill the cows come home, I am telling you that you are wrong and that it doesn’t work.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    dice2dice? While pasting from Microsoft Word may not work for you it does work for just about everyone else by design. I use that feature at least once a week.

    Have you tried any troubleshooting steps to identify why it’s not working for you?

    No Jan Dembowski. I didn’t know there were issues to Troubleshoot or that it worked for anyone.

    I’ve found others posting that they have issues with it but I haven’t noticed anyone who uses it stating it works.



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    You have now. 🙂

    Can you replicate the problem using the default Twenty Fourteen theme with all plugins deactivated?

    I am using the default Twenty Fourteen theme. No, I have not yet tried pasting with all plugins disabled. I have embarrassed myself enough by repeated postings that lose all formatting each time I change one item, though I don’t realize the formatting will be gone until I look in a separate browser. (meaning that preview shows an inaccurate view of what’s really on the site.) I will eventually test to see whether any of the seven plugins I am using may be causing this problem. Right now I’m here to say I don’t see any addressing of this bug, whatever it is, and the 3.9.1 update, and that seems wrong, given the extent to which different users are facing similar problems with pasting. For the record, I am using a Mac/10.9.2, Firefox/29.0, and, of course, WordPress 3.9, Twenty Fourteen theme.

    I enter test in WordPress. I copy and paste to Word. I copy and paste back to WordPress, and now I see:

    <p style=”line-height: 14.25pt;”><span style=”font-size: 10.0pt; font-family: ‘Georgia’,’serif’; color: #333333;”>

    In my code. When I had and used the Paste from Word button I did not get this garbage.

    I understand why you suggest changing themes and turning off all my plugins, but this is an active blog and I do not want to do that to my readers.

    One more “no it does not work” voice. How many will it take before we are believed?

    Some people will claim “it works”, others that “it doesn’t work”.

    The bottom line is that it DOESN’T work the way it USED TO. And it my opinion, that means it doesn’t work.

    Sure, you can paste directly from Word into WP. But it DOES NOT then create cleaned up HTML the way it used to.

    For example – bulleted lists used to then appear using the proper li (list items). They don’t any longer, now in the Text (formerly HTML) tab, they show the ascii characters representing a bullet. That is NOT the same thing, and themes that style lists based on ul, ol, and li won’t display the lists properly.

    The button needs to be put back in. I used this extensively as often content is submitted via Word Docs and has to be pasted in. Now it’s a mess and requires a lot of very time-consuming cleanup to remove extraneous Word crap such as non-needed style declarations, non-standard markup, and incorrect HTML tags.

    I vote +1 on bringing back the paste-from-Word button.

    Same here… and I don´t understand why “in a very weird way it works” (to copy directly) leads directly to the end this button (and why it is not brought back yet – for those who are ok with the weird way direct copying works it would do no harm to have the button – vice versa it´s an entirely different story…)

    So a loud +1 on bringing back the paste-from-Word button

    Many people have reported pasting images from the clipboard no longer works in 3.9 either, and this all comes back to the new TinyMCE. There were plugins that enabled this, which are supposedly no longer necessary, but those don’t seem to work anymore either, similar to this, the button being “unnecessary” now without the functionality being actually replaced.
    Can we revert just TinyMCE back ourselves somehow? I’d hate to overwrite core files with an old version of tinymce but is that a reasonable option? It seems less dangerous than trying to revert WordPress. The issues seem introduced with 3.9 but seem to be the TinyMCE part of the update. I am thinking the loss of the cleaned up paste from word the loss of being able to paste images from the clipboard, all beginning with 3.9 just the TinyMCE update.
    There is a bug ticket open for the pasting of clipboard images (encoded like <img alt=”” src=”…). Maybe when this is fixed it will also fix pasting other Word elements, or is there a bug ticket for this odd paste to/from Word behavior too?

    Others are running into issues, and contradict the assumption that the new TinyMCE makes paste from Word or clipboard image paste plugins unnecessary, since the old functionalities are not actually there anymore. Reverting TinyMCE in core would probably fix all this until the functions are correctly replaced and implemented in the new TinyMCE 4.x. Can a plugin be used to replace core TinyMCE verson? I don’t think they can add back the button without actually reverting TinyMCE.

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