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    When an event date passes, is the idea to leave the events page or should this be removed.
    Or is there a setting for this other wise I will have 1000s of pages that are in the past?
    I use all in one seo which I see I can noindex all archives so should my past events be archived?

    In settings-event list archives I have it ticked yes

    Basically I would like past events to automatically go as noindex so they drop from surps page go to archives

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  • If you want to redirect or do something similar for past events, you’d have to code something in for that.

    you can re-copy your theme single.php and then rename it to single-events.php – something like this – and then write a php code inside it checking the current date vs the event start/end date and if the events is past then create a 301 redirects

    Not sure I want a 301 redirect.
    In all in one seo I can noindex archives.
    But how do I get past events as archived if that makes sense

    If I look on event list page I have that show only future events, on map only future events so that is fine.
    On calendar it shows the whole month so shows past events which is fine, but the past event that links from calendar,i.e event page it is this that I would like archived so I can noindex it.
    So the question is how do I make a past event be an archived event?
    That way when site is crawled the event will drop from being indexed.


    Have you already checked whether past events have a noindex on them or not?


    yes I have and they don’t.
    So how do I get them archived,
    on the page I call event list with [events_list_grouped mode="monthly" country="UK"]#_LOCATIONSTATE<br /> #_EVENTDATES at #_EVENTTIMES <br /> #_EVENTLINK  #_EVENTNOTES  <br />[/events_list_grouped]

    its fine the event disappears after the date, but it is the single event page I want to noindex, what do other people do as you could end up with 5 year old events being indexed?

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    One option would be to delete the events – that would also help to speed up WordPress, especially for sites with lots of events per year.

    well you could but then you get page not found.
    would be better to noindex then delete when it drops from surps
    What is the archive meant for is this not past events?
    Also it would mean constantly checking old events

    All In ONe SEO hasUse noindex for Archives-
    Check this for excluding archive pages from being crawled. Useful for avoiding duplicate content.

    Only other way is to go into each event and mark it noindex, but time consuming

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    the ‘best’ option would be to hook in, figure out if the event is past, and add a no-index meta, but this would require custom code.

    archives are what WP does for posts, same thing, but we order it by event date rather than publish date.

    OK so I guess just filter past events then manually noindex them

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