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  • When in the admin dashboard, the Wordfence weekly activity section seems to always show the wrong data, I have noticed this on multiple occasions on multiple wordpress sites.

    At present on one site it shows…

    Top 5 IPs Blocked
    IP Country Block Count Ukraine UA 1461 Poland PL 34

    but when I go into ‘/wp-admin/admin.php?page=WordfenceBlocking#top#blockedips’
    it does not show the same results, why is that? and which one is wrong and how do I fix it?

    The data inside the blocked IP section shows about 20 different address and only 1 from Ukraine and with 0 hits before blocked and 1 hit blocked.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards Bazza.

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  • Hi Bazza!
    Blocked IPs will be listed in (Wordfence > Blocking => Blocked IPs) for the amount of time set in “How long is an IP address blocked when it breaks a rule” in (Wordfence > Firewall => Rate Limiting), however they will be still counted in the widget data regardless they are “currently” in “Blocked IPs” section or not.


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    That makes sense except only few weeks prior the Ukraine blocking was only half what it is now and has gone up to 1461 since then.

    The amount of time I have set in that blocked section is 1 month, which is longer than ‘Wordfence activity in the past week’ that the dashboard suggests it is showing.

    If the blocking is set to a month, shouldn’t the 1461 in the last week show in the blocked IP section? and should the dashboard item not be be labelled as ‘activity in the past week’ if it is showing things from beyond the last week?

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    I also just received the email report as well which shows the 1461 items as the top item in the Top 10 Blocked items from May 1, 2017 to May 8, 2017.

    But those blocks didn’t even occur between the 1st and 8th of May.

    Are these numbers in “Wordfence activity in the past week” widget looking the same as in “Wordfence > Dashboard” widgets?

    I would appreciate if you can provide screenshots from the “Wordfence activity in the past week” widget and “Blocked IPs” section as well, this should help in understanding what’s going on.


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    As requested, here are some screenshots showing how the numbers in the two lists don’t seem to match up.

    Wordfence Blocked IPS List

    Wordfence Dashboard Count Error

    Regards Bazza

    Hi Bazza!
    Sorry for my late reply, I was trying to replicate this behavior and double checking some related information with the team, it turned out that the data on the “Wordfence Dashboard” means that these IPs requests are blocked, but the IPs themselves weren’t blocked by rate limiting or a custom rule you have set that would create a “ban” type of block.
    So, the “Top 5 IPs blocked” widget shows blocked requests. And the “Blocked IPs” list shows “banned” IP addresses, I know it sounds a little bit confusing and I’m sure this will be addressed in the upcoming updates to be more clear whether the IPs or the requests are getting blocked.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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