• Hi,
    I attempted to change the password on the MySQL database on my server from which WP is running. Result? WP broke! I had to change the password back, after which it was fine. How does one change the password for their DB and make WP aware of this change (and if it’s one of those long and tedious process that invlove doing things by hand, can we please have a passwords tab in a future version of WP that will allow us to do this simply and to change the admin password to).
    Also, how does one change the admin password?

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  • Thanks podz,
    Before i do this can I clarify – does this change the WP password or the password for the DB that wp uses?

    That changes the login password to your wp install.
    To change the mysql password, you’ll need to use cpanel.

    Don’t think I have c panel (server uses ensim). I know how to change the db password using the ensim interface, the whole pont is that when I do, WP stops working until I change the db password back. Logically this must mean that somewhere in wp is a setting that tells it the password for the database and that I must need to change this as well as changing the db password in ensim and this is what I’m asking. Can you tell me how to do this?

    You mean besides the DB_PASSWORD in your wp-config.php that you needed to fill in during installation? 🙂

    Yup, that’s it – I forget that too when I do my password changing 🙂

    Well bearing in mind that I didn’t do the installation on the server, I was unaware that there was a DB_PASSWORD in the wp-config.php to be filled in, but rather than comment upon Anonymous’ pointless (and poor) attempt at sarcasm, in place of supplying an answer on what I was under the impression was a HELP forum, I will instead ask the question, do I need to go into my wp-config.php file on the server and alter the DB_PASSWORD to whatever I change the DB password to suing the server interface?
    With thanks to whoever can supply me with a constructive non sarcastic response to this question.

    Yes, you do.
    Whatever password you use on your cpanel is the password you also need to change in the wp-config.php file.
    Sorry – I misunderstood your first question – my apologies.

    Many thanks Podz. Actually you didn’t completely misunderstand, I was asking about changing the wp password too, so thanks for answering both my questions.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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