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  • i have successfully created a password protected page. it works- i’ve logged in, my friend can see the password request, but can’t get in.

    however… i can’t seem to log out of the page. that is, i’ve logged out of wordpress and closed my browser (firefox) and then went back to the page, and i still see it (no password request).

    this would be a problem – i wouldn’t, for example, want to access this page at a coffeeshop and then have this page open to all.

    how do i log out of a -page-?

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  • Clear the cookies and browser cache? Probably somethign I’d do if I ever used a public computer anyway…

    while i’m sure i could do that, it seems like there has to be a better solution? and if not, something that should be dealt with at some point?

    i don’t know much about cookies, but aren’t there cookies that only last a session or something?

    Can’t speak to IE but in Firefox you can set it so cookies get cleared when FireFox is closed.

    Also see:

    ok – so i guess the solution is that i’ll have to delete the cookie myself.

    which is fine, i’ll do that.

    it does feel like a bandaid however.

    imagine a user who creates a personal diary category (or page). anyone who uses his or her computer (friend, roommate, partner, etc) and goes to his site would be able to view the content.

    it just seems… wrong, is all.

    i mean, sure, now that i know it i can deal with it. in fact, i’m not that worried in the first place as the page i’m protecting isn’t linked to in the first place.

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