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  • Please excuse my frustration but… every Friday lunch time I try to use my password is refused! I have more passwords than WordPress right now and I am sick to death of having to waste all this time 20 minutes or more until I can try again. What is it that destroys the password I create every week and why the blazes do I have to suffer this awful service, it’s rubbish!!!!!

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  • Hi,
    It’s very unlikely that WordPress itself “destroys” your passwords. I’d suggest a couple of things:
    Check you haven’t got cap-lock or num-lock set on your keyboard when entering the password
    Check if you have a security plugin which is limiting log in attempts (such as Wordfence , ithemes security or such like) and, if so, loosen the setting to permit more than one attempt before it locks you out.

    I’ve had password issues before myself but it’s always been down to me missing out or mis-typing a character.

    Finally, if you find passwords hard to remember or type you could use a service like to securely store you passwords for you so you don’t have to type the out.

    I hope this helps

    Moderator Steve Stern


    Support Team Volunteer

    Are you using a password manager or allowing your browser to remember your password?

    And in the end, if your passwords get changed at your WordPress website, then you have serious security problem, either on your server setup or a keylogger in your own computer.

    Hi Ronb
    I suggest you try typing your password on a text editor and see if everything is alright.
    Also you can always ask you browser to remember your password
    3rdly you may want to disable any of your plugins(some may interfere with the login process) and see if its the cause.

    lastly this process will be a little techi so i expect you’re good and familiar with your database.

    Access your site’s phpMyAdmin and edit the database carefully.

    Open the WordPress database.
    Click on the users table in the left menu (default is wp_users, or yourprefix_users if you defined a different table prefix.)
    Click BROWSE.
    Click on the EDIT button next to the admin user.
    Delete whatever is in the password field.
    Enter your desired password.
    From the Function drop-down list, choose MD5.
    Save the info in the database.
    Log in to WordPress using “admin” and the password you used.
    In the case of newer versions of WordPress, the password is double hashed, but as long as you md5 the password, it will complete the hash (it upgrades your password for you).
    i hope it help

    Thank you one and all for your replies, much appreciated. I have asked WP to remember me when I log in so no, I am not using another company to store my password in fact, I never knew you could do such a thing! As for a security problem, I keep a very strong watch where security is concerned and am positive there is not a problem in that area. Dike, your help is great but sad to say that I don’t match up to your expectations when you say “lastly this process will be a little techi so i expect you’re good and familiar with your database”. I don’t know how to but would like to know how to open my sites phpMyAdmin. All I know is how to open the admin side of my site eg,
    http://ifield……. etc/wp-admin. From there I make changes etc to the site. Sorry to say, when opened /wp-admin, I could not find anything relating to a database so would appreciate it if you could tell me where it is and how I get into it please??

    Kindest regards to all those who tried to help, I feel a little bit less lonely now, thanks!!

    onB80 (now almost 85)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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