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  • Everything was working great on my site when I updated until I started receiving mass amounts of emails from “would be” customers saying they could not register. On inspection I noticed the password strength meter was asking for people to create really complex passwords but not giving the users details on what the requirements were. 1 upercase, 1 lower case, 1 special character etc. The passwords needed to be well over 10 characters plus have all the things mentioned before. So what WOULD have been new customers got frustrated and gave up trying to checkout. Honestly I get security is important but the password strength is just ridiculous & drives customers away. I feel like the setting is just pointless. I found away to disable it but is there some sort of setting Im missing or that will eventually be added so we can choose whether we want to allow weak passwords or not? As a customer myself I have so many accounts so many passwords creating long passwords id never remember makes life so much harder. There really should be built in setting within the plugin to change this.

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  • Try this:

      // WooCommerce - Set minimum password strength
      add_filter( 'woocommerce_min_password_strength', 'custom_password_strength' );
      function custom_password_strength( $strength ) {
        // 3 strong = default, 2 medium, 1 weak or anything
        return 2;

    The code goes in functions.php in your child theme or you can use the “My Custom Functions” plugin.

    There are some password plugins around if you need more functionality.

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